30 day silent meditation with my 87 year old father

I never imagined doing a silent meditation for a day let alone 30 days and with my 87 year old father. It is basically just being quiet and not allowed to communicate in any form to anyone. It can be adapted to any lifestyle depending on preference and capabilities. Simply just observing life quietly. I have my balancing moments of being talkative and quiet but I have been talking every day for 36 years. It is challenging breaking any pattern we become so comfortable with especially communicating. We all develop our own patterns to communicate and how we express ourselves our thoughts and emotions. Some people tend to talk just to be heard that is why it is “draining”. Everything we know about life and science all comes down to simple but complex energy. Our communication and learned behaviors are the center and focus in every energy exchange with others.

Whether we are talking to a loved one and feel comfortable or arguing with a stranger we participate energetically with that person. Complements feel good while insults hurt. We decide if we add loving energy or kiss my ass type energy. The level and depth is up to you. I always try to speak positive and loving not only in my words but also with my body and energy. Our thoughts control our energy. Whatever we think we vibrate out. Ever walk into a room and feel a person who is negative or maybe you felt a bad vibe? All these scenarios take massive amounts of energy. Imagine if you saved all that energy, what would happen? Where would it go and what effect would we feel? How much stress would you save. Many conversations lead to arguments and energy battles. What if you stopped that from happening? Imagine that feeling.

In the last two years my heart has been torn and broken from my mom going to Heaven along with two really bad engagements (never married, engaged, lived with or had kids before) and I just realized I have not healed completely. As positive and happy as I am I just acknowledged that I have been burying all my pain. The space for healing needs the right elements and living on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala could not be more perfect for this transformation.

I did not decide to do this silent meditation on my own, my angels had it planned for me and I just recently realized the signs. Before Pops and I started this journey I prayed to GOD and my angels along with everything holy. I surrendered my will to their plan. I will adapt to their plan instead of me forcing doors that do not open. I soul sang “Whatever you want me to do, whoever you want me to help, where ever you want me to be, I surrender to you and your Divine plan.

Any time delays (flat tires, traffic, long grocery lines) I accept with an open heart and patience knowing these events are only to put me in the right place at the right time. If we are in the perfect divine timing then we will always be in our path of destiny. Once you are aware of the guidance, you have to trust your angels. Their only job is to make sure we achieve our destiny. My angels made this opportunity for me and I accept with open arms. The timing of this meditation could not have come at a better time.

Our 2nd day here I meet someone doing the same 30 day meditation. I immediately got the sign to do the same after all this journey is also about pops and I doing things we have never done before. It is about growing and evolving our soul to the best version of self. More importantly, it is about setting the path for others to get inspiration from. It is about spreading as much love and light as possible to the souls who need it the most.

I knew for awhile that pops and I were going to do this meditation but I wanted to wait for the right moment. Pops and I are working through our own shit to put it simply. The things we learned, created and built that does not serve our higher purpose must be made aware and then conquered. This meditation will give us the time and reflection for the opportunity to evolve our souls. Free will is our greatest gift so we have the choice to fix our flaws or not. I choose to be the best version of myself. I choose to be in the light as much as I can. I choose to accept all opportunities for this to be manifested. I choose this because this is what I want my future wife and family to have. This is what I want all of my tai chi teachers to possess so in return they become the light for others. I attract what I am vibrating.#LOVE

The day before the start of our meditation I was blessed with a beautiful opportunity that would change and transform my view of the next 30 days and for life. I traveled to another city to extend my visa here in Guatemala. It literally took me at least 3 hours of walking to all the wrong places with all the wrong directions when it should have only taken 20 minutes. While most people would get upset and frustrated I knew it was happening for a reason and laughed. At least I was getting cardio. After finishing my meeting and after eating lunch I walked by the market and that is where I saw her. She was a beautiful innocent light, born with no eyes and who also had other medical issues.  She was about 10 years old and drinking from a baby bottle.

Immediately Tricia Hall, a great friend, retired doctor and also a concentration camp survivor came into my mind because her daughter is blind and she still takes care of her at the age of 94. Tricia is one of the most powerful and loving souls I ever had the blessing to meet and love. I told her I would do good deeds for the blind in her name on this journey. After seeing the little girl and the situation I thought of getting something soft and as I looked to the right I saw this huge stuffed animal bunny so I bought it. She was with her mother so I introduced myself to her mom first and then said hello to her while I touched her hands. As I told her my name I placed her hands on my face and hair. I spoke softly and asked what her name was and she said “Angelita”. I almost fainted. It was divine timing for that special uplifting and loving energy for all of us. There was not much to say or do after that so I gave them both loving hugs and left. Even though the time was short, this memorable moment of a miracle was going to last for awhile. What an awesome gift for me to have this great heart feeling to enter into meditation. My heart and energy was glowing and the smile on my face was wide and permanent.

Even though I gave her a gift in Tricia’s name, Angelita gave me so many insights and reflections for my  soul. I had some negative thoughts about this silence but now how could I when Angelita was blind for 10 years? How can I focus on anything negative? How could I not be grateful for all my senses? How can I not be in constant gratitude for my life? I would be an asshole if I focused on anything else. My angels gave me this boost of energy with loving vibrations so my heart and senses would open to receive all the gifts that are waiting for me in this silence.

I am going into this silence with no expectations, no plan, no strength and no will against the path before me. Pops and I decided to do 30 days in length. The first 5 days pops and I are allowed to communicate in our room just to check in and make sure he is ok. Doing this at 87 is such an inspiration in itself. After 5 days, no communication at all besides pointing on the menu of what to eat.

On the last 3 days I am going to be in complete darkness at a silent retreat center. Heard and read awesome results with clarity, blessings and huge insights. After all of this, the first time I will speak will be for recording the intro for this documentary. It will be on the top of a mountain for sunrise. I feel this powerful moment and energy already and I write this while being 2 days silent.

I feel my healing will be nothing short of a miracle with a renewal of energy and love. My heart, emotions, body and spirit will be filled with the direct purpose and path to my destiny. I always knew my destiny, I just knew my training had to be at a certain level before given this huge blessing and opportunity.

We will be doing good deeds every day while on this journey so we are constantly being filled with love and light which will only enhance our meditation and insight. Imagine doing a good deed and you can not even explain why you did it. You simply just wave and walk away leaving that person in awe. Good deeds do not need explanations, only the initial action to perform it with no expectations attached to it.

I am grateful my angels gave me the time delay to have the opportunity for Angelita. I am honored they lead me to my path in life to bring me here to this moment with my dad and my destiny of helping others and teaching teachers of tai chi. I am forever grateful for all the miracles and blessings they continue to shower me with. We are only in the 2nd country out of 20 and this journey already transformed my soul for life.
























Forgiveness of yourself and others

I celebrate Yom Kippur but a little different then tradition. Most who celebrate spend time in Temple or in constant prayer. Some believe that prayer is the only way for forgiveness but I think good deeds trump prayer. I feel that GOD would rather you help someone else and create good energy then sit and say a prayer over and over. There are many people throughout history that did negative things and thought by going to Temple or church and saying prayers that they would be forgiven. While they may be forgiven, which always depends on the acts committed, I feel the best way to talk to GOD and the best way to get forgiveness is by doing good deeds everyday not just on holidays.

I fast all day long from the night before on Yom Kippur. I do brush my teeth and get ready for the day. Many times in the day I reflect on my sins and what I could have done different or better. I reflect on all my faults as a person and the learned behaviors from my life experience. I reflect from the outside in. I can see what needs to be evolved and this reflection helps keeps me focused on advancing my soul to make better choices in my life. One of the things I always reflect is about thinking before I act and speak. Sometimes I may say the wrong thing at the wrong time. This is something easy when you think about it but sometimes hard in the moment. Not too many people reflect on becoming better, they just focus on asking for forgiveness to what they had already done wrong.

If I was GOD, and for a minute pretend you are as well. Would you rather someone go to a place of worship and say sorry by repeating prayers or would you rather your child go out and help another child in need. If you are not doing good things in your life for others, how do you expect to advance as a good person? When you are doing good deeds every day you are counsciously in the light of GOD so it is that much harder to do something wrong. You have to live everyday like you were in Church or Temple. Live to help your brothers and sisters in need.

One of the biggest obstacles some of us have to endure is the forgiveness of others. This type of energy can stay for a lifetime. Regardless if that person is in your life any longer, forgiveness of that person and that act is crucial to your well-being. Me personally, I forgive people before they even do anything wrong. After the act, I forgive them instantly and never hold a grudge. I may choose to not have that person in my life any longer but I let that relationship dissolve with love. Forgiveness does not mean you are a sucker, it means you are strong enough to put your energy first and that your health and mind is the most important factor.

I have had many close relationships but if that line is crossed, that is the end. I know who I am as a person. The closest people know who I am as a person. Knowing that, if my line is crossed it mean they do not respect you in such a way, and once someone does it once, most likely it will happen again. Just like a spouse hitting another spouse. Once it happens, the pattern just begun. This does not make them a bad person for crossing the line, just means the time has come to release the relationship. People are in your life for seasons, reasons and lifetimes. When their message is delivered, the time will come to move on. Sometimes that time is delayed because of attachment and sometimes it is quick.

On a personal note, I had a huge miracle this holiday. I love to fish. I always wanted to catch a Cobia fish. It is one of the best fighting fish but also one of the tastiest. I have never caught one and have been trying for 10 years now. Today I caught one, a nice size about 20 pounds. When I was bringing it in, the line brook as soon as I was lifting it up in my backyard. I was devastated. Right at that point it was high tide and the best time for fishing. Also right at that point my wife called and asked me to bring her a change of clothes that was 20 minutes away. I felt frustration for a minute then realized it is all good. I know things happen for reasons as long as you are doing the right things in life. After I dropped off the clothes, I came back home to fish.

About 15 minutes in, my line said zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, I caught a big fish. After 20 minutes of fighting the fish, I reeled in not only a 40 pound Cobia but the biggest fish I ever caught. I was so happy and immediately reflected on my frustration after the fish fish. My time delay had to happen. I was using live fish so think about it. I had to throw the line in exactly at a certain time, the fish had to swim a certain path and the Cobia had to swim in a certain area. It all worked out just as it should be. So since I fasted all day, I got to break my fast with a miracle fish. It was delicious!!!!!!!!!

So the lesson of Yom Kippur and really in life itself is to do good deeds everyday, reflect on becoming a person soul everyday, talk with GOD everyday whether in conversation or prayer and forgive those who have wronged you and all the miracles with fill your life with happiness. May be all be filled with so much love that their is no room for any type of negativity. Namaste.

cobia pic

Robin Williams, suicide & demons


There are always two sides to every story but there is also two sides to every event. For every event there is a logical reason and a spiritual reason for the event. For example, if you run over a nail and get a flat tire, logically the nail caused the flat. Spiritually, the reasoning is the same but different. Yes the nail caused the flat but your Angels, GOD, Buddha or whatever you believe in caused the flat. What if down the road you were to get into an accident? This event that was caused by a logic but had a spiritual conclusion. You in that particular space and time had to be delayed. Most people get upset when they have a flat because they will be late to work or the fact that they have to pay money to fix a tire. But what if it really prevented you from an accident. Now instead of getting hurt, paying a $500 insurance deductible and being without a car, you are only 15 minutes late and it costs $10. When you compare the two, one is frustrating while the other is thankful. Now lets take a look at Robin Williams and the two sides.

First let me say that he is one of the best actors ever! His ability to jump into any character is purely a gift. I loved just about all his movies and his presence will surely be missed especially by his family and friends. To have an impact in society as he did with his generosity is his saving grace. Some people have posted online with compassion while others have called him a coward. I personally use to have the coward type of view until I almost committed suicide myself at different  points in my life. Yes, I have thought about it and took steps to end it, however I had Divine intervention and I fought to live. This is another post I will write later.

Robin Williams as reported was battling alcoholism and depression for some time now. He recently went into rehab over the summer. Rehab is only as good as the person wanting to truly be helped and following all the steps to FIGHT their addictions. If you do not follow the steps everyday until you conquer the addiction then you will fall back into the same place and most likely a worst place because you did not make it the previous time. By not making it, you self doubt yourself making yourself fell worse. This is the logical side of things, now lets look at why people say “fighting demons”.

We all have guardian angels, at least 7, however some people have thousands. Depending on your life’s purpose depends on what protection and strength you need. But man and woman were giving the greatest gift, FREE WILL. With free will, your angels may not be able to protect and save you all the time. Sometimes you ALLOW the demons to come in.

When someone has an addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs, sex and many more examples, they allow the addiction to control their behaviors. If anyone knows a drug addict, they always say “you are not who you use to be”. This is true. You see when you are addiction free, you are the personalities of all your angels combined. You share their energy and you are all one making up the soul that you have. It is all the same.

There are good angels and bad angels and also demons or negative spirits. The good ones of course always try to follow GOD’s path while the other ones are attracted to the negative side. Your angels are always trying to protect and guide you to your destined path in life, that is their job. But when you are addicted to something and now your choices and behaviors revolve around the addiction, you allow your circle of protection to be open. When you are open, this allows other things to come into your circle of angels, like a negative spirit or worse a demon.

So why are your guardian angels not strong enough to keep them out? Because YOU ALLOW them in through your addiction. You invite them in unknowingly, or now, knowingly. Your angels at this point are still trying to save you and thats why you always contemplate whether to do your addiction or not. Every addict knows its wrong but the addiction FEEDS the negative spirit or spirits. When they are fed, they grow stronger because you are feeding them your energy as well. In return your addiction becomes stronger.

Just because you are a super athlete like Junior Seau or famous actor like Robin Willimas and have all the money you will ever need, addiction does not escape you. In fact, it is usually worse because of the lime light and pressure. How many times do we see famous people have addictions? Usually the first response is how can they be so stupid with all that money? Life is life regardless of money and fame. We are all equal to having addictions whether it is in your dna or not.

People contemplate suicide for many reasons, everything from breakups, addictions, depression, mental illness and much more. Me personally, I felt left alone. There were periods in my life that I felt alone in this world with no love and it seemed everyone left me. Some people can have all the material things in this world and still feel alone. Some may have a huge network of family and friends but still feel alone. It is not up to us to judge but up to us to try and help save the 38,000 people annually who commit suicide. They are not cowards, they need help. Need help to see the gift of life and what they can still do with their life. They need their life’s purpose renewed.

Many religions believe that one who commits suicide, they go to hell. Others believe that they get a worse life and are reborn while others believe that they go to Heaven regardless. Robin William did many great things for charity and children in need. Personally, I think we all have to beat our demons in our life. When we do not graduate to our life’s purpose whether it is by suicide or just simply not choosing the right paths in life, we try again. Again and again until we beat what we need to. Then we move up in levels and have different purpose whether here on earth, as an angel or whatever else is available that we have no idea or comprehension of. Either way, regardless of purpose, spread the love instead of judgement and negativity.

Show where your heart really belongs, in the grace of GOD or whatever your belief is. Show the highest form of compassion. Show your dedication to humanity and helping those beat their demons. Show the true you, the loving you, the you that you would be proud to call you. Be the bigger stronger brother and sister to all the children of GOD. Namaste to all.

demons williams flowers williams peace williams rip robin williams star williams














Insights to Injuries

images I love to exercise. Let me rephrase, I love the feeling after I exercise. Do I like lifting weights, standing in a hard yoga pose or running a few miles? NO, but I know I will experience the great feeling of well-being afterwards. This is why I do it, along with knowing this is what I have to do in order to live a healthy life. Some people say we all have a destined time and GOD will take them at any particular time. (They use this as an excuse for negative traits ) I agree with them but state that I would rather be happy and healthy until my time is up. But everyone in their life will experience some type of injury due to exercising. This is where we must step outside of ourself and look at our routine and overall health and fitness. Injuries to the body can happen for any number of reasons. Whether it be over exercising, not enough rest, an accident or any other reason, we have to step back and look at our entire situation of fitness. I sprained my ankle last year after creating a beach workout. The workout consisted of jogging 2-3 miles while wearing 5 pound weights on each wrist and carrying an 8 pound ball. I would do numerous exercises with my arms as I was jogging the beach. The workout would last about an hour. I felt great afterwards but that changed one day. There was a storm and it made the beach have a severe angle by the water. As I jogged, one leg was getting more pressure and shock. Coming back, the other leg would take it. My ankles felt sore but not painful. Then all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my left ankle. I didn’t twist it or step on anything, just simply that angle for that time and pressure caused that reaction. I had to walk very slowly almost a mile back home so I had a lot of time to think and meditate on this. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reasons, however our free will changes that. If a drunk driver kills someone, that was not meant to be. That means that person CHOSE to do that. Was my injury meant to be? No, but I still found the learning lesson. This carries over to all aspects in our life as well. When things happen, due to no fault of your own or by your choices, see the learning lesson and insight. I would rather learn my lesson the first time then repeat the mistake. My answer came rather quickly since I had to walk in the soft part of the sand and not by the water on the angle. I did not give up the workout but made it more beneficial. Now I was doing this exercise in the soft sand. With the soft sand it took more strength to jog while being on a level surface. So an injury made me stronger because I wanted to improve myself and not conquer my ego and pride. I could have healed and repeated the same mistake hoping that it would not happen again or thought of a different way to achieve the same goal. In life, in every life, we will all make mistakes. How many times will you repeat the same injury until you learn the insight and lesson? Some people will have to repeat several times and even then will still not learn. Not that they do not want to but because they can not step outside the ego and look into their life as a netural observer. Learn to step outside and look in. So what if you made a mistake, it is how you learn for the next time that matters.

Happy Birthday to Me

If I had to use one word to describe my last 36 years, it would definitely be MIRACLE!

I reflect daily on my life since birth. This helps me to be grateful in every moment. When I reflect, I do not experience the particular pain or joy of those moments, instead I focus on the lesson that was trying to be given. We all have missed lessons in our lives, sometimes the most obvious ones. This daily focus helps me to be present in the moment for the new signs and messages because GOD and our Angels are ALWAYS trying to guide us to the right choices.

I have been blessed so much in my life with Miracles. From the simple ones of waking up to the highest levels where I have seen lives being saved. We are all given miracles but when we work for the right things in life, we are blessed with even more miracles. Doing the right thing creates the right energy in your heart and soul. Having this energy everyday will only attract the same into your life.

I have had some awesome people in my life to show me things but when the lesson is learned, it is time for that person to go a separate way. Sometimes the ending is bad and difficult but sometimes that is the only way it could happen. In either case, I focused on the lesson and loose nothing, only gained insights, miracles and lessons to help me achieve my destiny.

So As I reflect once again, I hold the highest gratitude to GOD and my Angels for always looking out for me. I know exactly what I have to do in my life and if things change then I will adapt with a positive heart and soul all while having a smile. Nothing can break my smile or my love. This is from GOD and nothing is stronger.

Thank you to all my family, friends and people in my life who made me who I am today. For today is the best version of my self both physically and spiritually. As I continue to work on my mind, body and soul, I will never stop being a student of life while helping and teaching others to do the same. Love you all! Namaste.

Yom Kippur- Forgiveness of the soul

yom kippur

Yom Kippur, also known as Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the year for all Jewish people. Its main focus is atonement and repentance. Jewish souls traditionally observe this holy day with an approximate 25-hour period of fasting and intensive prayer, often spending most of the day in synagogue services.

I was raised Catholic and later found my Jewish roots. Growing up, I told a priest my sins and then he would absolve them and  all negative energy in exchange for prayers and promises not to do it again. Any way to get rid of the baggage of sins that we all carry is a BLESSING. One thing I can see from confession especially at such a young age is the ability to say your sorry. The ability to lay down your ego and pride in hopes of forgiveness from GOD is a huge gift to have. One that we all should practice.

This is the 15th year I will be fasting for Yom Kippur. There are many ways to observe depending on your level of dedication to the holiday. My dedication is more of the purpose and meaning. It is about the connection between your soul and what you believe in. It is about the heartfelt emotion of forgiveness that you extend out from your soul to the Heavens. I focus on what I did lately and things that I have done in my past along with things that I will do in the future. I ask GOD to forgive me for everything.

Forgiveness is not just about asking so you can relieve your guilt and wrong doing. Yom Kippur is also the practice of forgiving others who have wronged you. Relieving anger and resentment is crucial for the well being of the soul and spirit. This weight can effect us more then we know. This is the time that we clean our soul of all energies and deeds. A fresh start for the year to come. To be uplifted so we can fulfill our destiny and we are meant to go. To fulfill our purpose while being mindful to always be the best version of ourselves.

God PLEASE forgive me for everything that I have ever done wrong or negative. PLEASE forgive me for everything that I do now and everything that I do in the future whether knowing or unknowing. Please help me see the right and wrong of every situation and give me the strength to always choose the righteous way. Please help me stay in your light and to spread the love of my soul. Please allow nothing else in my soul but love so there is no room for revenge or resentment. Please help me see, hear and feel what needs to be done. Please always send good deed opportunities my way. Whatever I can do to help to allow the destined paths to unfold as they should. Please be patient with me GOD. Please always have faith in me. I love you and THANK YOU for sending all the guardian angels to help us fulfill our destinies.

If I have ever wronged you, please forgive me. If I ever created any negative moment with you, please forgive me. If I acted any other way but my true self, please forgive me. I forgive everyone and always will. Peace.

yom kippur1

A Moment of Divine Timing

My brother sent me a listing as an extra in the tv series”Homeland”. The current description was one that I might have been on camera in one scene. There was another position with 2 scenes and a better chance of being on camera. I sent some photos of myself doing tai chi and yoga poses. He sent my photos over and I got picked for the better role. While the role had no lines, I was happy that my face would be seen on camera. This was going to be my first role in the tv business.

My brother called Friday, July 12th and said that they chose me for the part. So I drove to North Carolina Saturday morning, barely on any sleep but so awake and energized. How could I not feel awesome at this moment? With weather and traffic it took me 13 hours to drive when it is suppose to be 11. At this time is was my brothers friends birthday and they were all out celebrating. As physically tired I was at this point, I knew it was rare for my 2 brothers and their wives to be out because of their families and children. I sucked up my tiredness, drank 2 red bulls and was ready to spend time with my family.

I did not drink because I knew it would just make me tired, so that turned me into the designated driver. So I ended up driving another 2 hours taking people home. I would do this act over and over again. To make sure people got home safely and allowing people to enjoy their time with no worry is a gift in itself. I spent the weekend enjoying my brothers, sister, nieces, nephews and friends. I am still holding onto the gratitude and I am holding a constant smile on my face. My vibration will not let me have any other feeling but pure love.

Tuesday morning I was up at 430am to be at set by 6am. I can not describe my role or the scene because the episode did not air yet. I can say that I was an extra with 2 scenes. One of me kinda in the scene and another with the camera on my face. So I was thrilled. Everyone there was so nice and loving. It was like a big family doing a project together. One of the scenes involved us being in a store so we were in there waiting. They started filming next door so I decided to stay where I was because they were coming back. I started doing tai chi and that lasted for an hour and a half. I was connecting and giving thanks to GOD and my Angels for all the love, miracles and opportunities that I have had my entire life and especially the last week.

Just as I was done, the production crew came back in to shoot the next scene that I was going to be in. All of a sudden, the director, Clark Johnson, says out loud, “hey, this guy drove from Florida, lets give him a line”. My jaw hit the floor and my eyes were huge. After a few minutes he came back and said the budget may not go through to allow it but he is sorry, that he tried. I thanked him and said no problem. I am just grateful to be here and that I was having an awesome time!! A few minutes after that he came back and said “wire this man up with a mic”. YES!!!!!!! 😉

The writer and director created another scene just for me and my role. Now I have 3 scenes and a speaking line. I have never been on tv or ever acted in front of the mirror. I was nervous to work with everyone who was a professional but my role was literally myself, David Chi. I had to speak like it was me. All it took was 3 takes and it was done. Perfect. To be an extra in a film is hard, depending on what the scene calls for. To be an extra and have actually face time is a huge deal. To be an extra and then bumped up to an actor with a speaking role because you are the exact fit for the scene is like hitting the lottery. For all  this to happen on your very first attempt and appearance on tv is nothing short of a miracle with divine timing.

UnknownSeason 3 Episode 5 airs Oct 29,2013 on Showtime


So the next day, Wednesday, I left at 630am to drive back home because Thursday was my best friends 10th wedding anniversary. His wife planned a surprise renewing of the vows on the beach. It took me 11 hours to get back this time but nothing could stop me from enjoying and being apart of all these wonderful moments. Sleep and being physically tired I can push through for any miracle. I can always sleep or rest, I can not always be apart of awesome moments.

Watching the ceremony was a beautiful moment for both of us. I knew that two people can work through ANYTHING together as long as love is the foundation. As long as you see the goal of the union first and not the goal of yourself. To be able to listen and hear your partner of what makes them feel love, not what you think they want. To be our bright souls and to create a loving family. When I look at their two children, I see the lessons I want to teach my children. We all learn from each other, we just have to keep our eyes open for the lessons. The lessons only make our souls brighter with insight.


The feelings and emotions that you are carrying during these events is one of a divine feeling. It is one that you feel like you are on cloud 9 and having vacation in Heaven. It is joy and happiness at its peak. But how do you hold onto that feeling? How you do preserve that feeling and prevent it from fading away? We all have had awesome moments in our life, but why are we still not in that feeling and moment? What happen? Why do we loose that vibration?

We happen. We allow other things to come in and push those moments away. We allow our grip on that energy to loosen. Should we always live in the past? Of course not but there is no reason why we should not focus on our blessings and only hold the gratitude of our heart to shine so bright that everyone should know, that you should know, how grateful and blessed we all are.

Replace negative thoughts with joyous memories. Replace depressing emotions with  visions of miracles. Replace the loneliness with the connection to your GOD. Uncover your soul, let it shine that no darkness can be seen. Just be the natural loving soul that you are and everything will happen to keep you at your peak. Lets evolve and teach other. Let love be your vision.

The white bird is the one we released during our engagement. The larger bird is one I fed during the ride to be on “Homeland”.


photo-7Double rainbow day before filming.