What’s up Fam?


Some people may have heard others saying the word “fam”. The word did not originate with me but when it first came out in street language, I was the first to scoop it up as a nick name. I grew up in the projects of Philadelphia. In this environment, you become street smart and a survivor, you have no other choice. Since you are a product of your environment, you have to adapt to everything around you and become one with it in order to get ahead. I was not like a “Malibu’s most wanted” type of white guy, but more of a street smart, quick thinking type of survivor with style. The first time I heard the word fam was in a Method Man song. The phrase just caught on around the neighborhood and it was fitting for me.

Fam in short means family. So if you are walking by a stranger, another way to say hi is “what’s up fam”. I always had a good heart and this is something I am intune with and proud of. I have always been a giver even in the project days when I had little to nothing in my pocket. Buying someone a $10 hug (sugar water) meant you were a big spender. I always had change somehow to buy everyone who I was with a hug. Fam can also be a universal name. If you want to call your friend and get their attention, you can say “hey fam”. Fam is a term of a loving friend, someone who is like family.

My closet friends call me fam and have been since I was a younger. I think the name is perfect for my energy and my purpose. Going from the projects in Philadelphia to the beaches of Florida shows the possibilities of any soul. When you fight hard enough and make the right choices in your life, GOD guides you to a better life, your destined life. You may have to endear hardships and strong lessons but in the end, GOD is your fam and he will NEVER let you sink as long as your reaching out.

Now the key is to “famalam” as many people as you can. To famalam someone is to show them so much love, kindness and warmth that it only creates and leaves an angelic type of energy. Only smiles, comfort and confirmation of faith that everything is perfect as it should be. Who have you famalamed today?

One of my life’s missions is to help all the other fams in the world who are born into harsh environments. I want to help all the fams climb out of the project light and help them see the light of the sunrise from the beach. Everyone needs light in their life. Light form GOD and light from a tool to help you reach GOD. I want to share that tool.

Make sure you tell all of your fams that you love them today. GOD and our fams are the closest ones to our soul.


The MIRACLE that changed my life

The MIRACLE that changed my life

Let an Angel into your Heart

This by far is the biggest miracle I have received so far. Miracles happen to us daily whether we see them or not. GOD and the angels are always working trying to lead us to our destined paths in life. They are always trying to protect us even though man has free choice and sometimes that hurt and pain can come through. With any hurt and pain, there will always be lessons just like in happiness and love there will always be lessons. I continue to learn lessons from this miracle that happen at two different times, 6 years apart.

Here is my story

I just started working as a bank manager in Philadelphia. On my first day, I noticed my supervisor had a small picture on her desk. When I saw the picture, I had a warm feeling all over my body like a heat flash. The picture had many dark clouds with the sun shining through. I immediately saw an Angel. The hair, face, wings and gown were clear. I asked to take a copy of the picture and make it bigger.


The picture originated from a bank customer who took a picture of the sky one day. She said that the clouds looked awesome with the suns rays and decided to take a picture from her back door. She did not see the Angel till she developed the film. She then gave it to my supervisor as a gift. This was truly my new favorite picture ever. I put it in a beautiful frame by my bed and stared at it daily. Every morning and night that I said prayers, it made me more thankful to know this Angel was watching over me.

I moved to Port St Lucie, Florida in 2003. I made sure that I took the picture out of the frame and put it inside a book to protect it for the move. After I moved in, I could not find the picture anywhere. I looked in every book, box and envelope but it was gone. I was very depressed because I felt I did not do enough to make sure it was safe. Looking back, it should have been on the seat next to me with my prayer books. During these 6 years, I felt like the Angel left me but I was still thankful for the gift.
I moved again to Boca Raton, Florida in April of 2009. In October, the angel picture fell out of a random book, shortly after I started my first documentary. I almost had a heart attack. I felt like crying, laughing, praying and jumping up and down all at the same time. I immediately hugged the picture gently and said a prayer thanking GOD for allowing me to have it again. This time it will not be lost.

It was framed again and put on my prayer alter. With every prayer said, the Angel is by my side. I bought a new computer and thought it would be a good idea to scan it, this way I would never loose the Angel again. My new Mac computer came with a program called IPhoto. Once uploaded, the program automatically appears with the picture.

That day I will never forget. I was working on my documentary while sitting outside looking at the stars. It was a beautiful cool night. The only thing I adjusted on the picture was the color correcting. I did not photo shop nor edit. I only adjusted the tint, exposure, shadow, etc. My eyes began to tear. The new image was truly a miracle. I could see an Angel holding a little girl with long blond hair. I could see both of their arms. The Angel even has a sword. Now I have two favorite pictures.
I believe in miracles, signs and messages because I have seen thousands in my lifetime. This picture is supposed to be shared with everyone. Whether this is an Angel, spirit, ghost, entity or something holy, this is proof that a GOD does exists. An Angel is a universal picture for all religions and faiths. I firmly believe that everyone will get something different from the picture. I clearly see a huge angel carrying a little girl with blond hair. The angel has a sword on the left side amongst many faces and hands throughout the photo.


In todays age and time, some people stray away from GOD and even using the name in public for numerous reasons. A relationship with GOD is NOT a religion. Religion is only the rules of how to follow GOD in that particular direction of light. I personally use the ten commandments as my foundation. I pick and choose different ways to follow and connect that best suites my soul and life. Connect with GOD and your angels today and hold that connection tight. GOD and your angels will never let you down or ever let you go and have been waiting for you to connect if you never have. If you do connect, they love all the love you send.

Hopefully these pictures can bring comfort to everyone as it has for me. The Angel wasn’t lost for 6 years, it just means now was the perfect time for me to see her/his true image and to pass it on to the world. My life’s work is about helping people and improving their health and well-being. This is my sign that I am headed in the right direction. I have had the best of luck since the photo was discovered. When you think you are down to nothing, GOD is up to something.
Love and Light, ❤ ❤ ❤
David Chi


There are no tests in life, only opportunities

There are no tests in life, only opportunities

There are no tests in life, only opportunities to evolve your soul. Life is not a pass or fail option but a field of opportunities and directions for your soul. You are the driver and although roads may be blocked or your car may break down, it is only an opportunity to see how far you will walk for your destiny.

I was raised Catholic and later found my Jewish roots so everything was based around guilt and fear. First I must fear GOD and feel guilty about not listening to my parents. These technique has been used throughout time just as giving all your money to the church before you die to abolish your sins. Well, hold onto your money and not your guilt. You should donate how you see fit and only let the love shine from your heart freely.

Growing up I use to see opportunities to do good deeds. I saw them as tests and if I didn’t do them, I would feel guilt and ultimately ask for forgiveness. The guilt factor is a TERRIBLE feeling to have and Thank goodness I will never use this technique on my loved ones. People also use guilt for their selfish wants and to manipulate as well. In any means, it is a feeling to coerce you into doing something. Why should I be forced to do something good. Why should I be forced to pray? Why should I be forced to be a good person? Why not give the tools to allow someone to feel their heart? Why not give them insight and let them experience the awesome energy of doing something good instead of feeling a relief from guilt? Why not use love instead of guilt and fear?

Everyone has their own interpretation of the bible and the meanings. Thats is all it is, other peoples opinions and insight for that time and place. We are way different then 2500 years ago. You needed fear back then because most things were in chaos. How many murders were committed in the name of GOD? How many are today? So we can not keep the same view if our lives are different. Our core values should never change but the rules of following should be adapted.

When I walk down the street and see someone needs help with a door, that is not a test. That is an opportunity to evolve my soul. GOD is not going to punish me for not helping, but their are karmic rewards for helping. The mind set of a test gives the guilt of not helping and even if you did, the feeling is not without relief. Now envision the same act but with fulfillment. You decided to help someone. You decided from your heart and not fear to help another soul not because your afraid but because they needed help and you wanted to from your heart.

Now think of a lifetime of fear and a lifetime of accepting opportunities, which one is more fulfilling. Both achieve the same good deeds but one is guilt free. I believe GOD loves us and only wants us to achieve our destiny. Every destiny is full of love, faith and miracles. Every destiny starts not with fear but love. Start with this love and let your soul shine. Keep your faith strong and know that GOD loves you for every good deed that you do. In all your good deeds come opportunities to evolve and get closer to the light.

My documentaries all started from helping someone change a tire. It was not guilt but concern for the other soul who needed help. That one moment in time changed me, my insight and faith for the better. I ended up making 5 more documentaries after that. I never knew I was going to make any documentaries at that point. I accepted the opportunity of a good deed and that act of energy was rewarded in so many ways.

Accept all your opportunities of good deeds. If you want more of them, just ask, but be careful because they will flood into your life. Never fear GOD. Only love GOD with every piece of your soul. Through loving GOD and accepting your opportunities, you will have a blissful destined path of life.



Signs and messages come in many forms

Signs and messages come in many forms

You do not have to be a guru to teach about life. Yo do not have to be a priest or rabbi to teach about faith and GOD. You do not have to be a doctor to teach about health. But you do have to keep your ears open and listen to all the insight. We are given many gifts from unexpected sources.

Signs and messages are given to us everyday but how much do we recognize them? Signs and messages come in so many forms and usually from the ones you least expect. Many important life lessons that I carry to this day have come from 2 different homeless souls in 2 different states. Signs and messages happen to help you step on your destined path. That path could be for today or a year from now but ultimately leading you to your path of life.

We all have knowledge, intuition and insight to share. Whether we had a rough childhood, experience with addictions, illness, disabilities, or anything that gave us a foundation for life. Some are blessed to achieve everything they wish just from creativity. In either case, we all have insight to help another soul have an easier time achieving their destiny.

The simplest messages lay in the simplest situations but we have to always stay open with our eyes, ears and especially hearts.

While I was working on my first documentary at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami, I had one of the greatest messages. As I was leaving from working on William, I noticed a young man about 25 sitting on a bench about 25 feet from the hospital exit. As soon as I saw him, I knew he was homeless from his clothes and energy. He had a huge cast around his right leg and had crutches by his side.

As I was walking closer I had the feeling he was going to ask me for money. A few steps later he says “excuse me, can you help me? I do not want any money from you”. I was shocked he picked up on my feeling. He says I need a coffee, here is $2. I would get it but I can’t walk and carry it. I said no problem. I came back with cafe con leche, donuts, fruit and his money. Told him it was my treat.

As I was just about to walk away, he asked me if I ever spoke to my angels before. HOLY MOLY!!!!! Just the week before I found my angel photos that I lost 6 years prior. Further more, a new photo appeared revealing an awesome light of an angel. I am still walking around on a miracle high from the photos and now he asked me this?

I told Jason no, that I never spoke to my angels. I was raised Catholic and later found my Jewish roots but never prayed to Angels. Always just prayed to GOD and no one else. I figured why not go to the top. Jason said, oh my amigo, come sit and learn. So I have a 25 year old homeless guy talking to me with energy of a grandfather. How could I not sit and listen with my heart?

He explains that our team of angels have always been helpings us in our life and we need to acknowledge them and always give thanks for them helping us. You view of GOD is nice but he wants you to let the angels help you, after all that is why he put them here to help us.

Always pray to your angels but always worship GOD. He said they have been waiting a long time for you to connect. You have to use a different love with your angels. Its important to keep some fresh flowers just for your angels. You can put them where you usually pray or meditate. There is an important way to pick or buy the flowers. You can not just grab a flower, but have to have a soulful loving intention while you pick it. You are picking them for your angels which represent GOD. Have the strongest love for that act. The ultimate connection.

Wow, so of course I went home, grabbed my scissors and raided my street of fresh Florida flowers. Ever since then, I have connected with my Angels and GOD on a higher vibration that I ever have before. I have seen miracles before but now I see them all. Knowing that I have a team to help me achieve my destiny gives so much comfort and ease.

Everything on rests on me. I do not have to depend on anyone to reach my destiny. As long as I do the right things in life and share my love, my destined path will unfold as it already has.

Most people would never sit next to a homeless soul and have a conversation about angels let alone buy them a cup of coffee. GOD and the angels gives us messages in all sources and areas of our life. Keep all avenues of insight open to your soul. The more open you are, the more love you will naturally share. In that love come miracles. In those miracles are the destiny for your soul.

You do not have to be a prophet to talk about GOD. All you have to do is be a child of GOD to know love.

thank G-D

Surrendering is not loosing


Throughout our life time we will have many battles in our path. Battles could be over ethics, morals, money, people, business and just about everything at one point. Sometimes these battles last for years and sometimes we have to face them becaiuse there is no other choice at the moment. These battles will eventually end but you have the choice of surrender well before.

The battles bring a form of attachment and ego to the main stream of importance when really it is just the ammo. When you take the ammo out, the smoke clears. In this clearing you realize the energy struggle and all the questions of why. Why am I really in this? Yes, I may be 100% right but why do I continue to prove and show? Why am I putting forth such energy to make even, get an upper hand or to create bigger ammo for the fight? The quicker you surrender, the quick the battle ends. The battle does not have to last for years for you to learn the lesson from it.

All of the battles are lessons. Lessons come in so many forms and usually the biggest lessons comes in the biggest battles. It needed to take something this big for me to realize this particular lesson. First thing I had to recongize was what am I suppose to learn right now. The start is the energy you put forth in that particular battle. All the energy you use to think of how to get an upper hand or the best move, you take away energy from you. You take away time, energy and passion from the most important thing in your life, your own destined path. Any time in the negative is less time from the positive. Why allow and open the door for that to come in? Why divert from your path of life for something negative.

I do not have battles any more. People may try to have battles with me, but that is their energy, not mine. I end battles in my life no matter if it may seem like I giving up. Surrendering and not allowing something to effect you is not surrendering but winning. The true winner of life only allows positive energy and love into the soul. Anything else gets pushed out because it does not serve a purpose for your purpose. Learn the lesson and release whatever you have to in order for you to achieve peace. Your soul shines best from a relaxed happy energy so why not always hold onto it? Why not always shine?

I realized in prayer with GOD that I have a purpose as every soul does. It is my destiny to fulfill my purpose. I am THANKFUL that I know my purpose and I will not allow anyone to steer me from that. The more I steer away, the less time I have away from something pure. GOD does not deserve me putting any less then 100% towards my destiny. I have so many blessings and have seen countless miracles not to give my best and to always give from my heart. If I allow anything negative in, that is no justice for my soul.

Learn the lessons from each battle in your life but go into it looking for the lesson not the best way to get one hand up. Never allow a person, material object or any situation steer you from your destiny. Have faith in GOD. Stay true to your soul. Achieve your destiny and smile during the entire journey. We are all to blessed to be stressed!!


Your words are your reflection & energy- choose wisely

Your words are your reflection

Words are the way we communicate most of the time. Words describe our feelings, emotions and intentions. How we use these words is the core of the message we are trying to give. If we say hurtful negative words, we give that type of energy across making the person feel…well just that, a negative aura. If we saying loving kind words, then we give that type of energy and the person feels comfortable and easy within your aura. However we project our words, that energy does not only come across to the other person but it also sends out energy from your soul. You are what you eat, but you are also the energy of your words and projections.

I saw two lessons today with the power of words and projections. The first when I was getting my haircut. A woman and her 2 boys were there around 8 & 12 years old. The mom was telling them to calm down and sit. The kids were just being kids and playing soldiers with each other. The words she used had a few curse words and also a projection to the child of him not being “normal” like other kids his age. Stating that he was too much to handle and that he was acting like a dumb fool. She was not projecting hate or anger, in fact she was in a light-hearted mood. She was laughing but at the same time injecting all these negative words that was beneficial to the child’s self esteem and energy. He shouted out that he was going to be an astronaut!! Without hesitation, she responded, “You are not smart enough to go to space, maybe if you pass your math test instead of getting bad grades you can”. I was shocked!! I wanted to say something but I had to mind my own business and sit back and learn the lesson. Learn the lesson of what not to do as a future parent. By me telling her about words and encouragement, she was not going to have such an epiphany that she would change her ways as a person. She was not looking for help, therefore is much harder to give insight. Whether she had a bad upbringing, didn’t have the best education or just is simply the best she can be, either way, that child is affected.

Ironically the same day I had my second lesson. I was in Starbucks and watched a mother and her teenage daughter. They were both working together on a project. The mom used such motivating, loving guiding words with all the questions. The mom would ask such simple but yet uplifting questions to make her daughter think for herself but yet feel such a self rewarding energy. I heard her say how much she loved her daughter and how proud she was to have her in her life. How much joy and laughter she gave her as a daughter. Finally, she said “You are going to be such a great doctor and are going to help so many people”. The daughter couldn’t be more then 14 years old. WOW, what a difference in examples within an hour of each other. I walked over to them both and told the daughter that she has an awesome mother and not many people have that gift in their life. I walked away leaving some positive energy on top of the love that was already there.

Both lessons are one of those lessons that will always be in my heart. When I have children one day, it will be a continuous boost of love, encouragement, faith and respect. I will also be a leading example and promote the same energy in everything that I do. I am leading that example today without any children. In any sense, this is what we have to promote and project. Every word make positive. Uplift all those around you to be the best they can be. Even if someone has very little education or common sense, make them feel that they can still reach for the stars. Every word you vibrate sends a message. Make your messages full of love and you will be pure love.

Attachment- I have only one, to GOD


Attachments can ruin lives or that energy can be directed to GOD in order to preserve the souls connection. Especially in our lives today, so many people have attachments to material things, including myself. I first learned about attachments and that type of dependent energy during yoga teacher training but I still didn’t fully grasp the lesson. Concept yes, but applying an action behind an intention is much harder then just thinking you can. To really release things of importance including people can not only be a huge overwhelming release but an insight that gives you freedom. No longer can anything have a grasp on your soul and energy. No longer can something direct and change your energy to fit that attachment. The only attachment you should have is to GOD. This direction of energy is only to evolve your soul and to make sure you fulfill your destined path.

During my first lesson of attachment, I became to realize that things do not own me that I own me. Yes, having a car is crucial to my life but I am not dependent on it. I can take a bus, ride a bike or change things around so I do not have to drive. By releasing that attachment of need and dependency, now I appreciate my car so much more every time I drive especially with the heated seats for my back 😉

I have had an attachment to my investment I made years ago. Over $50k, saving for years, trying everything to make it work and so much sweat and tears into this, was very hard to release the attachment. I thought this was apart of my destined path and it was but not what I thought. I realized the importance of having the right energy behind something. If the investment was made with bad energy, it will never take off because that energy is in the foundation of that product. That was not my energy. So I learned to let go. I can always make more. I can always shift to another avenue, whatever it is, there is no more attachment. I didn’t give up the fight, I just realized I shouldn’t be fighting in that direction. All the time invested into fighting for it, I could have been helping someone. I had to divert my passion into something that fits me. It may take many more attempts but as long as I can release and move on, then that is the true lesson. During this fight, I stopped fighting. This is when I used my time to make 5 documentaries on health and tai chi, helping people before they went to Heaven. I volunteered my time and energy to this because this is what I knew needed it, not my investment, not my ego.

Attachments to people is sometimes worse then material things. We all have had relationships that we just do not want to let go. I have had girlfriends in the past that I did not want to let go even though I knew it was not the best decision. What happened? Drama as in any relationship, these are the signs to end it.

One of my biggest attachments was to a former teacher of mine. Looking up to someone and receiving insight especially while you are soul searching, breeds such a connection and bond. But what happens when it is time to separate? People come into your life for seasons, reasons and lifetime. When the message is delivered, the connection will end. We do not have a say of how that connections ends at times. Sometimes there could be so many miracles in the relationship but the negativity energy over shadows all the gifts. You have to recognize the signs and message to be in the right place at the right time, even if it means ending a connection with another soul. I also had to separate the person from the gifts and miracles I received. The person was there to give me the gifts but could never take them back because they were gifts of insight from GOD.

Separating from my personal attachment was one of the hardest things to do but I was forced into it. If I kept it, it would have been sheer torture of my energy to the point of not being able to function with a clear head. When I chose to separate, I felt empty. I felt like my life was over, literally. I was all alone. Not only did I separate from such a strong connection with one soul, but many. I was in essence  starting over but I always had one powerful energy that could defeat anything. One energy that could fill my heart and soul so much that I wouldn’t feel anything missing because I was always complete. An energy that would give me unconditional love and show me the miracles of life. GOD kept me strong, fulfilled and showed me how to live my life. Not just to wake up and do good deeds, but to wake up loving myself. To wake up not “needing” anyone but being so happy and positive that I needed to share that energy. To wake up full of love and just wanting to appreciate the miracles throughout the day and help in whatever way I can.

I released both of my attachments a few years ago. Since then it has been the happiest time of my life to date. Anyone who knows me, knows the love that I project to everyone around me on a constant vibration. GOD was always here, is here now and will always be. There is comfort into your higher power. With that comfort, your energy eases into your heart which makes your soul shine just by being who you naturally are.

Peace, Love and Blessings to all. Love GOD, Love yourself and never “need” anyone or anything to make you happy. Namaste.