Do as I say not as I do- not good rolemodel

Do as I say not as I do- not good rolemodel

We are all born with the same knowledge. That knowledge is instinct. This develops into tools and lessons that we learn from our parents, family, teachers, and people who are in our lives. Every action sends a reflection whether we see the reflection or not. All parents, teachers and role models have important life lessons to always follow, that lesson is to lead by example. No matter where you think you are, who may be watching, your words and actions never go unnoticed.

Growing up in the projects of Philadelphia, I looked up to everyone for guidance in life and for survival. The people who lived around me were all not living to help guide me but instead I had to see their hard lessons and make sure I did not do the same. I had close family who were alcoholics although their intentions for me was not to abuse it like they were. I had family who had anger and emotionally issues although they wanted me to be calm and not jump to reactions. I had family who was selfish and only put their needs first before anyone although they were trying to mold me to think about everyone else first before myself. I had family who always looked for shortcuts in making money but yet always wanted me to get an education in school and say no to the streets. This family was everyone in my life including friends and neighbors. Growing up in the projects, everyone is family because it is you verse survival.

My heart always saw what was wrong. Although I made many mistakes in my life and chose many times not to use my heart, I always knew what the right thing to do was. I always felt guilt and felt bad for those actions that was not kosher per se. But my surroundings, my environment, my guides always had a big part in the decisions I made. At those times, I chose to do what I saw, not what I was told to do. I repeated the actions of the people I loved and admired instead of following the true voice of my heart. I tried to walk the steps of many people before me in the same situation not realizing that those footsteps walked off a cliff into chaos and that those actions would follow you for the rest of your existence. I saw people fade away, I saw people go to jail, I saw angry fights, I saw gun wars, I saw drugs, I saw people die. I was seeing my future. All of these experiences were embedded into my energy and if I didn’t escape and bring insight into my soul, I would have the same outcome. I would end up like millions of others, with no name, no good memories of their actions, no legacy, just another projector, another soul lost to circumstances.

As I was growing up, I prayed to G-D and my angels for help. I cried many times looking for answers not knowing these were my lessons and answers. I was learning what not to do. I was learning how to set the example by action and energy. I was learning to always be myself and not to let others decide and effect my decisions in life. I was learning to be a man, a righteous, G-D LOVING man. That is what I am always trying to be today. The more I am in the light, the less darkness that can come in.

My lessons I pass on so that everyone can stop the karmic cycle. Lead by example. Children are being molded all the time. They see and hear everything. Make all your actions and words positive and from the heart. Let your children mimic all the good deeds you do. Let one of your child’s first words be LOVE. Let them open their eyes every morning thinking about how can they help this world. Have every child get in touch with their heart and let their soul shine bright. It is this way that our future generations change. It is this way that we create more love and compassion on this earth. This is how we change the future, with love and education. The future can only change when we lead by example. Lets lead today for the brighter tomorrow. G-D Bless!!



What is tai chi, qi gong and energy?

What is tai chi & qi gong?

Tai chi & qi gong are types of meditation systems that have soft flowing movements with breath control. Tai chi is approximately 1500 years old and is the original martial art. All kung fu, karate and martial arts came from tai chi. Some use tai chi for self defense and others just for health. Qi gong is approximately 2500 years old. Qi gong is strictly for healing and relaxation. They are soft flowing movements with breath to enhance self healing. Thhe ancient Hebrews went into the desert and performed exercises with breath and movement. Movement and breath has been around since our existence. It is natural.

There are hundreds of tai chi and qi gong systems today. Tai chi is more of a dance. Some of the systems include breath while some never introduce it. Qi gong focuses on the constant patterns of movement and also has different breathing techniques. Tai chi is more discipline in the body. Since it is the original martial art, many of the movements could be forceful or difficult. Someone elderly or disabled would have a challenging time practicing some systems. Qi gong is easier on the body. They have a softer flow of movements but usually same patterns and not a dance like tai chi. Both have different health benefits and goals for practice. Both are beautiful. Both are meditation in motion.

I studied many systems of both arts and noticed the differences in all of them. I personally loved a particular way to breath while doing tai chi but loved the flow of qi gong. I loved the dance and constant flow of tai chi but the energy feeling of qi gong. So then I had an idea to create one dance with all the aspects I loved. But I created it with everyone in mind for the future. Anyone can do Miracle Movements. You can do the movements standing, sitting or laying down. It adapts to any health condition. All the movements are based on being soft and gentle so it is open to anyone.

Miracle Movements Tai Chi & Qi Gong™  was created with everyone in mind. If you can move a finger and breathe, you can do this system with ease. I took the dance aspect of tai chi and created 7 series of continuous flows that is purely moving art. With over 200 moves total, the journey of learning will be an asset for the rest of your life. Each breathing technique does something different for your body. I chose the one for relaxation. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Inhale 80-85% fullness but soft and quiet with a timing of 4-5 seconds. Imagine smelling the best flower you have ever smelled but you only get one chance to smell it. Take it in nice and slow and ENJOY it. Same timing for the exhale, with no forcefulness. Same exhale as if you were to blow bubbles with a wand. Easy, steady and soft will make the bubbles last forever.

There are 2 different views of health benefits depending on your belief. Scientifically, you are stretching your lungs allowing more oxygen to flood your body. The only time we really stretch our lungs is when we yawn, practice yoga or a particular breathing exercise. Yawning is our bodies instinct in making sure we get more oxygen into our body at that moment. Most people do not breathe correctly or even are aware of their breath. Most just breathe in order to maintain bodily function and no more. Our first main focus is the breath. The breath controls everything. Our lungs play a huge role in our quality of life. It is connected to our sense. Our biggest filter.

Our bodies are made to naturally heal. We have all been sick and bounced back. We all have had cuts and our bodies haved healed. Our body, until our last breath will always be in the mode of healing, always trying to make you perfect. The best state for your body to heal is when your sleeping. This is our bodies natural way to recover, adapt and amend everything from the day. The next best state to heal is the state of relaxation. Now you are in a relaxed space, inhaling deeper allowing all the extra oxygen to flood your organs and give them the essential tool for healing. Miracle Movements take your mind and energy to the center of you not allowing any other thoughts in besides your breath and movement. From this state it is very hard for anything to bother us or cause our energy to shift. The practice comes from trying to be in this place as long as you can throughout the day. To always be in this place so we can make the best decisions in life from a non clouded view. You can never do too much of Miracle Movements Tai Chi & Qi Gong and their are only positive side effects. Ten minutes a day is the only requirement, the more the merrier, literally.

Energetically, we feel many emotions throughout the normal day along with all the major events in our lives, some good, some bad. We are this energy. We are our experiences. Experiences make us feel a certain way and in return, we FEEL with our energy. This system is geared to cleanse that energy. Clear those feelings and energies. It relieves all the stress, anxieties and everything that does not serve your best state of life. You finally have a tool to help you control your emotions instead of your emotions controlling your actions. You have a gentle way of exercise with powerful benefits. There are too many benefits to list. Google tai chi or qi gong and health benefits. The power of breath was given to us all. Miracle Movements is just my particular recipe.

I felt and seen the numerous benefits of energy. Tai chi and qi gong are just tools to get you in touch with your energy and to learn how to strengthen it. It is not the system that makes it work, it is the time and dedication you take everyday for yourself. It is the genuine love that you have for your body, mind and spirit to always make sure it is in the best health condition as possible. It is when you shut the world off and take quiet time within yourself and allow your soul to dance freely, achieving bliss where all the benefits take place. You deserve to have time everyday for yourself. Never put yourself second. You can not help others unless you help yourself first. Lead by example.

Try many different styles of tai chi and qi gong. Find the one that feels the best with you. We all have different personalities and tastes. Find you meditation. Remember, this is all about connecting your breath and movement. Tai chi & qi gong is as easy as picking your favorite dance routine and doing it tai chi slow.

Please see for our documentaries showing the effects of breath and movement with Parkinson’s disease, cancer, stroke, brain damage, etc. See how simple breath and movements can create such huge miracles. G-D Bless and Happy Breathing!!

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Be the best version of you

Be the best version of you

There are 3 things that we must always strive to be the best at in order to have a happy, fulfilled spiritual life. These 3 things are not easy to maintain and sometimes one neglects more then the others. But the over all goal is not only to build these 3 qualities to be the brightest, strongest and best performance but also to maintain them when times get rough.

Health. You health is so important for so many reasons for just living the longest you can. Some people treat their body with lifetimes of abuse whether it is smoking, drinking, drugs, bad food habits, non exercise and just about anything that revolves around being lazy. Lets face it. Besides a health condition, you CHOOSE to stay on the couch because that is easier to do then walking a couple miles. The laziness comes from emotions but that is another blog.

Is it hard to eat healthy? At first but there is never a diet. There is a life style. Once you change you eating habit then just about every meal will be healthy for you in a positive direction. You are what you eat. Watch some of the processed food documentaries and see what you are putting in your body.

Exercise is a must. Whether you are walking, yoga, gym, swimming, sports, there are numerous ways to be active. Key is to move. Personally I do something for my body everyday. I love my self that much that I want to physically feel the best I can. Make sure you do some sort of activity at least 4 times a week. Make your exercise #1 and you will thank yourself in no time.

Breathing and mediation is crucial. I do tai chi and yoga. Tai chi for me is more mediation. Whatever you taste is, choose something that enhances your breathing. Something that eases the mind. Something that relaxes and cleans your energy and chi bubble. Something that you stretch. Circulation and stretching of the muscles prevents so much illness and takes the symptoms out of others.

Connection. Connection is so important to energy, our soul and our outlook on life. I was raised catholic, found my Jewish roots and found other ways to connect to G-D that has made my connection stronger. It does not matter who you pray to or what your beliefs are. If you believe in any religion or are just spiritual, then we all have love and helping others as out foundation. Lets use that main factor to go forward. Connect with your source and be connected as long as you can. The more you stay in the light the more you will see the blessings in your life and the more you can help others.

Soulful work. Just being connected does not mean you are a good person. Good deeds and selfless acts is the soulful work. Doing all the good deeds you can. Helping anyone and anything whenever you can. Having your heart open to perform. If bad karma comes from bad actions imagine Divine karma for doing all the good deeds? Imagine the blessings you would receive?

By being in shape, connecting with your source and doing good deeds puts you in the best version of you. From this place you will feel the best you ever felt while making others feel the best they ever felt. In those moments of bliss is where the miracles are. This is where we count our blessing and have the constant light of gratitude.

I am always striving to be the best version of myself. I want to be proud of me. I want my Angels to be proud of me. I want G-D to be proud of me. I also want to be the best version of myself for when I meet my twin flame. I want to bring the best because I know she will bring the best. Having standards is not a bad thing when you only want the best versions of each other. Something we are all capable of achieving but still some not choosing.

Be the best you, be the natural loving you, just be.

Keep your energy positive ;)


We are all made up of energy. Our energy is the same thing as chi, life force, soul, neshama, prayna, aura, qi, etc. This “chi” as we will call it surrounds us like a bubble. People who are in tune with their energy can feel energy from others. Psychics for example. You walk into their chi bubble giving them a feeling, a intuitive sense about your energy and experiences. You can walk into a room of all negative people and “feel” the room not being comfortable. There is a difference of feeling when you hug a stranger compared to someone you love. This is chi. This is energy. You can feel it, send it, use it and make it stronger.

So now that we recognize the concept of a chi bubble, lets think about what is inside this bubble. Every action and thought floats within our chi bubble. When we pray, we connect that energy with whom we pray to. Some churches you see people holding their hands upward and “feeling” the energy. Every time you really wish for something, you are manifesting that thought and sending out with your energy behind it with that emotion. Karma is a reaction to our actions. It is a event caused by us determining a choice with decisions. Karma is inside this chi bubble because we create it from EVERYTHING that we do.

Lets take a troubled soul for example. This person had become addicted to drugs, steals from loved ones and the selfish addict leaves all the good deeds behind. He becomes depressed, angry and is negative. He creates with his thoughts and actions the karma he is going to receive. That is the energy he is projecting out and will be receiving back. Karma is that he will be arrested, jail time, fines, alone, maybe worse. Every action brings karma. Karma is receiving what you send out, good, bad or indifferent.

Now lets take another example. You have a soulful type of guy. Someone who is a teacher, volunteers his spare time and is always looking to do something good. He prays and tries to stay basked in gratitude. He will experience miracles, be fulfilled in his life and will be genuinely happy. This is the positive way to use your energy.

These are two examples that show a big difference in energy. One energy is going towards the light while the other is running from it. Doesn’t matter if the light is white, gold, blue or green, run to it, walk to it or at least always look in its direction. Only in this direction can you help others find themselves. The more we find ourselves the more we evolve as a soul, the more we can help humanity.

We will always have opportunities to help others if that is what we project from our energy. If we are thinking “I would love to help others and give me the opportunity”, it will happen. But with every opportunity comes your choice to fulfill the good deed or not. Simple things from holding a door for someone even though they are 20 feet away to letting someone go in traffic to helping someone change a tire. Everything you do sends a frequency. Why not have the best radio channel full of happy love songs.

Transition to Heaven

Transition to Heaven

I do not believe in death. You can not kill a soul nor does a soul have a time limit. It is only our shell that has an existence. Where we go after is our own personal beliefs. I want to share my experience from today.

I personally know someone who lived a long healthy life and is in their 90’s. Just recently the transition has begun to move forward. When I went to visit today at the nursing home, he asked me who is in the corner. Why are those people there? It was only his wife and I in the room.

Logically the visions could be from Alzheimer’s, even though he has not been diagnosed with it. Maybe he was still half asleep? Maybe his cataract was blurry with the sun in his eye? We could have many logical reasons but what about the spiritual side of things. They is always a logical reason and spiritual reason.

Spiritually, he is beginning to transition slowly. Their is always a transitional period. Think of two circles. Right now we are totally in one circle standing. Heaven is the other circle. Now put one foot in Heaven. If you are one step closer to Heaven then you will experience that much of the light and that side of things.

When he saw the two people I asked what they were doing. I didn’t say “Your seeing things”. I wanted to know what he was experiencing in the transitional period. Just because they were not there does not mean he was not seeing them.

He said they were just standing there looking in our direction. I asked if they looked upset and he said no. I asked if they were talking and what were they wearing. Describe them. He said they were 2 middle aged woman, wearing all white and smiling but not saying anything.

I then told him that he was seeing his Angels, my Angels, his wife’s Angels or next door Angels. I said that we could not see them and it is ok. I told him never to be afraid of them and all the things surrounding him is full of love and light and only here to protect him. I told him if he sees them again not to talk out loud to them. He can talk with his thoughts and communicate but never to be afraid.

Some people in this transitional period tend to see imaginary flies. Some see Angels or family members. Your energy is opening up and getting ready to ascend to where ever we believe. Almost an open window into the realms that we can not see.

The best comfort is the hand that touches yours. Everyone handles this situation different. Personally, I think this is a beautiful gift to be there the instant the soul moves on. Whatever happens, no one really knows but to be there while it does is a huge gift and blessing. My first huge miracle was holding my Aunts hand as she moved on. Beautiful experience.

To be in this position before transition is an honor. Make them as comfortable as possible. Physical touch is key and should be done constantly!! Let the soul leave feeling warmth and love. Express your LOVE for them and let them know what they meant to your soul and how much you learned from them. Embrace their energy. Surround them with LOVE. Feel the vibrations. Be THANKFUL for the gift that was in your life.

2 reasons for everything

2 reasons for everything

Their are 2 reasons for everything that has ever happened and will happen. All events have at least 2 explanations. The one you choose to believe depends on your faith, energy, karma and insight. Glass is half empty or half full. Either way it is time for a refill. Your glass should always be full on life where there is no doubt to it being half full or empty. Live your every moment with desire, passion and gratitude.

Focus your choices, decisions and directions to the positive in ALL situations. The only other choice is a negative one. The more you have a negative thought or feeling the more you FEEL it and the more you project it. Why even look in that direction? What does that direction do for you? It is not the right path. If it is not right then it must be wrong or at least on that side of the fence.

No matter what happens, play detective with yourself. Search and try to find all the positive reasons for when events happen to you, no matter how big in your eyes. If you just broke up with your significant other, know in confidence that you are now one step closer to being with the person your suppose to be with. If you car has a flat, know that it saved you from an accident a mile ahead. Sick before a trip, guidance to protect you from going. Deal to buy a house didn’t go through, know that the right house is still waiting for you to find her.

It is just a train of thought, focus and gratitude. Consciously thinking about the positive views from EVERY event, focusing on staying positive and helping others to see a better view of the world, Finally GRATITUDE. Gratitude for you, your existence. Gratitude for all the people in your life. If you are doing the right things in your life, you will always be surround by that energy. Gratitude to experience life, LOVE and countless days seeing the beautiful things that surround our life. You have the choice. Choose the light, it comes with free suntan.

Time Delays – Chapter 1e

Time Delays - Chapter 1e

Time delays are apart of life and have happened to all of us numerous times. Do we notice what they really are, how these coincidences really impact our lives?

There are infinite ways and possibilities for time delays. They can be created from simply the person in front of you taking to long to check out at the store to your car having a flat tire. There are ALWAYS logical reasons for time delays. Guy in front of you at the store may be moving to slow. The flat tire was caused by running over a nail. However, one true fact of history is that there are ALWAYS at least two reasons for anything that happens. A glass half full to have empty kind of reasoning. This is a brighter way to see any event but also a tool to help you stay in the positive energy of life, everyday of this beautiful life.

The person in the store is taking way too long. He is fumbling money, too slow bagging the groceries or he may be texting. Either way, your direction of life has been slowed down. The rate you were going was too fast. In essence, you would have been missing your opportunities for those perfectly timed moments also known as Divine timing.

Divine timing happens when everything connects at the right moment. When you do everything right in your life, you are living in sync with this timing.

After waiting behind the slow guy at the store, you were delayed 5 extra minutes. Just as you walk out of the store you see a person you haven’t seen in 5 years. You reconnect. That moment would not have happened if the guy was faster. Destiny? No. Divine timing? Yes.

So you ran over a nail unknowingly and now have a flat tire as your driving to work. The average person may be upset. frustrated and stressed, especially if it is raining. You change the tire and get on the freeway only to be struck in traffic. Your frustration grow even more. Later in the day you find out that a severe car accident happened just at the normal time you would have been on the highway. If it wasn’t for the flat tire, maybe you would have been involved in the accident?

Both scenarios are possibilities in our lives and both have personally happened to me. I did not get angry or frustrated. I know my path is always guided in the right direction because that is how I live my everyday.
I don’t take vacations from my heart. My heart is my vacation. I have faith knowing that positive energy and love will only attract the same. My path is guided in that direction. We all have our own gps, our heart. Let it guide and drive your every decision.

Next time something happens that causes you a time delay, take a minute and be thankful for the gift. Have faith that you are being guided. You project your direction, make sure it shines bright.