Jackie Robinson #42


I just saw the movie “42” about Jackie Robinson and how he was the first afro-american to join major league baseball as we know it today. The story was filled with many emotions. Watching a dedicated soul overcome all the challenges he faced stirred some frustrating emotions. I could feel the prejudice and hatred at that time. I guess we can time travel. But I traveled to an outside place looking in. To see an energy of one soul lash out and attack just because of skin color is watching negativity work its magic.

Growing up in the projects of Philadelphia, it was hard for me to be prejudice. The majority of my friends were afro-american. How could I dislike someone strictly for the color of the skin? I related with racism at an early age. Coming from the projects, there are many stereotypes but I always chose not to have any negativity towards a race or culture. This movie made me feel the true evil within racism. To feel this emotion made me feel angry and frustrated but that is where it comes from so I had to recognize that. You can not fall in the same trap that feeds negativity. If you allow it to effect you emotionally then you are allowing it to win.

I can never feel what it is like to be afro-american especially in those days. I can only see the negativity and focus my energy to work in the opposite direction. I can only shift my love to places where education and truth will always win over hatred. There will always be prejudice and racism in this world. But look how far we have become as a nation and a world. It was not that long ago since slavery and less then 50 years that afro-americans had to use seperate bathrooms and water fountains amongst many other rules that were supported by the government.

Segregation is only for people who truly do not know GOD. They only know their negative experiences. The way they chose to believe has now warped there loving and logical thought process. If we were all blind how could we have hatred for a skin color. We would be forced then to judge by actions. Having hatred on something you can not see or know represents that negative space within their soul. It is easy to fill your heart and soul with stereo types and negativity. It takes courage, love and GOD to know and follow the truth. When you truly know your GOD, no matter what name you call him, you will see the universal energy we all share, love.

Everyone is an individual. Only GOD judges. The true work of GOD is to love everyone regardless of color, faith and action. To see the light of GOD in every soul is acting in GOD’s love. If you had children, you would not want them to hate each other but only to love and help one another. That is GOD’s message also. The true foundation of any religion is love because GOD is LOVE.

We have come a long way in racism. In the 1940’s, no one would ever believe there would be an afro-american president today. Society is changing because the era is changing. All the people living today that are older then 55 have experienced some type prejudice on a larger scale. Some of this population have the core foundation of hatred that they experienced. Some of these souls are in government and elevated positions. As time goes on, these souls will leave and new souls will evolve to these positions constantly changing our world for the better with more love and acceptance.

Today we see gay marriage and more interracial children. Love is being accepted on a wider scale and in that love comes change. We can all help the change by raising our children with the love value and not the hatred. We can help change to speak up when someone says something racial. Have courage for GOD’s children. GOD sent the angels here to help us to our destined paths in life. We can help that process by sharing and caring unconditionally.

I love all faiths, cultures, races and life itself. Speak love with every word. Look at every soul and not their shell. Love the energy of another regardless of their deeds. The easiest way to get to this wonderful place is to love yourself and GOD. The more you love the more you will see. The more you will feel whats right in your heart.






2 faiths, 1 direction


This past weekend I experienced two forms of faith concerning the transition to Heaven. I attended a Jewish and Christian funeral that were both held on Friday. Both faiths had a different approach in reaching GOD’s light. Each one gave ultimate respect, honor and love. They also have uniques ways that deal with the grieving process.

The Jewish celebration was held in a Temple and then immediately followed by the burial service. This was a service for someone who was like a grandfather to me. I never had a chance to meet any of my grandfathers, so this awesome soul filled that void. He was 95 and 8 days shy of his 96th birthday. He just celebrated his 70th wedding anniversary and has his wife who is 93 and 4 children amongst numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. They are all like family to me. I was happy for his gift of insight and time but my heart was still heavy.

The other service was a Christian service. My best friend’s brother went to Heaven at the age of 44. He had a wife and 4 children ranging in ages from 6 to 16. I met him a few times and could feel the love that this family had for everyone. He was an athlete growing up getting full scholarships to the top universities. His departure was unexpected and he will surely be missed. His viewing was on Friday night, following the Jewish service. The church service was on Saturday followed by the burial.

I was not prepared for all the emotions I would feel during these few days. Of course I know both these souls went to Heaven and they both are not feeling anything but GOD’s love and warmth but my heart was feeling so much emotional sadness. Not that I was sad but just wanting to cry. Crying is a powerful emotion and it is awesome to be in touch with. I do not hold back and allow what is natural to flow through me. I do not have to be tough or a warrior who blocks pain. I am a student of life who acts from his heart. If I am sad, I will let out my tears. If I am happy I will smile with love. If I get frustrated, I will do tai chi until I come back to my natural self. I am me. I am love.

In the Jewish service, it started out at the temple. The Rabbi gave a beautiful eulogy and proudly mentioned the life accomplishments he has done for the sport of fencing and the charity foundations he has started. It was a beautiful life that anyone would dream of having and he lived it all while helping others along the way. He fulfilled his destiny. A few friends and family came up and spoke some speaking for 20 minutes describing the miracles they shared with him. At the end of the service the Rabbi pulled out his iphone and played “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. The worlds fit him perfectly and everyone was in tears during the song. Most of the people there were older then 65.

I was in the last pew when they escorted the casket out to the procession. The family followed and stopped right in front of me while they were loading. I was able to hug them all and to give that feeling of love and strength to help ease some of the hurt and pain of loosing a family member.

Once we started driving, a huge storm blew in and felt like we were in a hurricane. The cemetery was 10 miles away so by the time we arrived, the sun was shining again. Ironic? 😉 Everyone lined up at the burial site and two guards of honor folded the flag and gave a full salute. As they played Taps, I thought about all those brave souls who served that never made it to 95. After a proper burial service, everyone used a shovel and placed dirt on top as the final farewell. The family is “sitting shiva”, a Jewish tradition that takes place for 3 days. This is your grieving process, a time to deal with all the hurt and emotions. A time to just be with yourself, emotions and memories all wrapped in GOD’s arms.

After I left the cemetery, I went to be with my best friend at the viewing. I did not know his brother well but I know my best friend need strength and love for loosing a brother. I lost a brother and I know the pain it brings. When a man knows another man is there just in spirit and energy, it brings a certain comfort a hug can not bring.

The viewing was at a funeral home so there was not anyone performing a religious ceremony or prayer. This viewing was for you to have time with your loved one and to be able to deal with the grief while in person and amongst friends and family. The constant traffic coming and going was immense. I was there for about an hour and had to see a couple hundred people. He had a smile on his face, literally. Either he went to Heaven with that smile or the funeral director played a part. I will stick with Heaven.

The next morning was the church service and burial. The church was not fancy and I did not feel out of place being the only caucasian. I grew up in the projects so I blend in where ever I go. I sat in the front, second pew next to my best friend, his wife and two beautiful children. I was also behind the wife and 4 children. The entire service I watched pain and hurt pour out that I wept with them. I wanted to sit with them and hug all of them but yesterday was the first time I met them. The only thing I could do was pray for them and send them loving energy to console their soul.

The casket is closed during the eulogy. Service here is wayyyyyyyy different then any other service I experienced. All is beautiful but they focused on feeling rather then prayers per se. This was a church that was loud, proud and happy to love GOD. Lots of praise the Lords and Amens. No formal prayers were said but singing with love and faith filled the church. They had a 12 year old boy playing drums to every word preached along with the songs on cds. I felt GOD in a different way. It was a feeling, a energy that was very strong and powerful to the soul. It moved you and if it didn’t, the person next to you singing and clapping would bump into you and move you.

Next they introduced a performer. I’m thinking a performer? Singer? I am confused and then I see walk up a beautiful woman dressed like an angel. They began playing this angelic song that talked about GOD giving us love and energy to make it through the tough times and how each one of us will be in his arms one day. While this played, the woman performed this beautiful dance that showcased the song. She was in essence doing tai chi to a song about GOD. It was beautiful!!

After a beautiful service I witnessed something that I personally would not want at my funeral. This is not a judgment because I have none, but just a personal preference. The casket has been closed during the entire service. The church has two sides, left and right pews. They opened the casket and places a veil over the front half. After turning it to the right side first, away from the family, that side, one by one came to visit one more time. As everyone walked past, they would walk by the wife and children giving condolences once again.

It came to our side and started from back to front. Being in the second pew I was feeling really nervous. I had to get up and face this emotional feeling again. I felt my eyes watering up just looking at the children. I thought if I released a few tears then I would be ok by the time I had to stand. Boy was I wrong.

Quickly wiping the love juice from my cheek I stood behind my best friend with my hand on his shoulder while he stared at his brother for the last time. Trying to be strong I pinched my leg to hold back the feeling and emotion. As soon as I turned away I was in a connection with the family that is hard to describe. No longer was I the only white guy standing in front of a church but I was a loving soul able to share love and light when it matters the most. I gave super strong tight hugs to the wife and each child. My hugs were long, probably a little too long but I made sure that even though they did not know me, it did not matter. I made sure they felt another child of GOD giving them love because they are also a child of GOD who was hurting.

After service I helped lift the casket into the hearse. Driving to the burial site was over 15 miles away and yes another storm during the ride only to open up at the site allowing the sun to shine. I was a little taken back by the service at the site. The funeral director who was at the church said a few words then handed out some roses to the woman. This service lasted 10 minutes max. She then said say your farewells and please go to your cars because there is another service that is coming. Ironically or ill managed, there was another funeral that was 20 feet away from this site. To tell someone to hurry after they buried someone is not the best decision in the situation but I did not hold judgment or say anything. Just noted in my brain to make sure at my funeral.

My experiences combined with the emotions taught me very valuable insights. I loved “feeling” GOD in the singing way even though my cat runs in the other room when I sing. GOD loves all of our voices. I loved the performance and thought of people doing tai chi at my funeral. The biggest lesson I was taught is to face your pain when someone is in need of your strength. I could have easily missed the latter funeral because of my own emotions but I love my best friend and I sucked it up so he could have an easier burden and hurt. I was strong for my brother who just lost his. I was hurt because he was hurt but I could use my energy to make him feel better just by being there. I learned to allow other roads to GOD in with open arms. Why not experience other faith and traditions?  Why not find more ways to love and worship GOD. What not include them if it makes your soul sing.

GOD loves all of his children no matter what language or religion they speak. GOD loves when his children help other children just like any parent would. GOD rewarded me with a best friend who has been my muse in so many areas. The least I could do is endure some pain and hurt so his soul could heal easier. Spread your love, your brothers and sisters are waiting 😉



Maxwell Garret- a legend and hero- 4/18/17- 4/10/13


I met Maxwell (Mac) from teaching class in one of my community centers. His loving wife Diana was a student who I immediately gravitated to. She had such warmth and loving energy that you could not help but give her a hug. Diana asked if I would come to the house to see her husband Mac because he had to use a wheel chair most of the time and was difficult to get to class. Without hesitation I accepted and went an hour before our class started the following week.

First time I saw Mac I experienced such awesome light, warmth and love. I felt this feeling of a strong leader but with a caring heart who was only trying to help guide you to your best possible self. I taught Mac the beginning movements of tai chi and also massaged his knees and shoulders, injuries from the war. Every week for over 3 years I would work on Mac and teach him tai chi but what he taught me far exceeds anything that I shared with him. During our relationship, there was never any money exchange. I did not charge them for my time instead was happy and grateful GOD placed these wonderful angels into my life.

Besides class sessions, there was more to our relationship. We would go out to eat together and even go to the Morikomi museum. Our relationship was a loving grandparent bond. I immediately felt Mac’s and Diana’s love for me and knew it was a gift to cherish and learn from.

We would always share our miracle stories and the life lessons.The insights I learned from both of them are priceless. The biggest lesson that they both taught me was love. Not just any love but true, unconditional, you are my soulmate for life type of love and what it takes to maintain it. I never saw my grandparents together. I never experienced how love is later in life. They were my perfect example and standard.
In all of our time together, I would always see kissing. Always hear words of “I love you” and “sweetie”. Always see touching of the arm or a quick hug. Being married for 70 years and they still express their love for each other. Mac knew that strength did not come from arguing but saying “yes dear”. He was brilliant and his mind always sharp. Even at 95 he was sending me emails and using the computer everyday.
Mac would always say exactly what you needed to hear. He made you not think of the issue at hand but how it can apply to other areas of your life and what you learned from it. There are many lessons that I carry in my heart one being “If you loose, what will you gain”? To shift your perspective from negative to positive and turn the issue into a lesson is huge for the insight and soul. Mac was a coach of life. Every issue in life has a lesson and he guided you to learn how to become a better person.
I will miss Mac dearly. He was truly a grandfather to me. I thank GOD and my angels for the time that I had and all the love I received. Mac is one of my heroes, a legend in fencing, the best husband, greatest father and an angelic soul who spread love and light to anyone that came into his circle. A portion of proceeds from my teacher program will always go to the handicap scholarship foundations that Mac and Diana created at PennState and University of Illinois. In my lifetime their legacy will always be alive. Love you Mac!!

Coach of U. of Illinois (1941-72); winner of the NCAA team championship (1956, ’58). Coach of Penn State University (1972-80). One of the principal organizers of fencing in the Midwest. Co-founder of the NFCAA (1941). President of the NFCAA. Captain of CCNY (1939).

Maxwell Garret has long been recognized as one of the country’s top fencing coaches and as one of the leading internationally ranked fencing officials. Not only was it important that his teams have winning records and capture titles, but more importantly, Coach Garret insisted that his athletes achieve academically and develop the self-discipline and character that would enable them to be successful in their future endeavors.

Maxwell (Mac) R. Garret, born Max Goldstein, was the eldest of three children of Russian born parents. He lived most of his early years in Manhattan (near Harlem) and later, in East Bronx. He received his high school education at Townsend Harris High School, a preparatory school for City College of New York, at 23rd Street and Lexington Avenue. There he played baseball, soccer, basketball, and was on the varsity fencing team (Captain from 1933-1934).

Mac attended City College of New York from 1934-1939 and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education with a major in Physical Education. At CCNY, he was a varsity fencer and was Captain of the 1938-1939 team. After graduation, his ties to Townsend Harris remained strong as evidenced by his work as volunteer fencing coach at Townsend Harris in 1939-1940. In 1939 Mac placed second in the Intercollegiate Fencing Association (IFA) Foil Championship. He was a candidate for the 1940 U.S. Olympic Foil team, however, World War II was in progress, and no Olympic competition took place.

Mac became the Fencing Coach at the University of Illinois in 1940 and continued his graduate work there from September 1940 until March 1942 when he received his Master of Science degree. Mac’s career at Illinois was interrupted by World War II.

garretphotobyolanmills1.jpgIn 1942, Mac enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force, graduating from Officers Candidate School in 1943. He served four years in the military. As Special Service and Information and Education Officer, Mac put together a variety show that sold a million and a half dollars in war bonds. He was honorably discharged in 1946 with the rank of Captain. Continuing in the Reserves, he retired with the rank of Major.

Mac married Diana Rosen in 1943. They had four children: Roger (1944), Roberta (1945-1984), Esther (1947), and Bruce (1951). All four children graduated from the University of Illinois. Roger was on the fencing team and was selected All American in his senior year.

After the War, the University of Illinois developed a nationally recognized wheelchair sports program. Dr. Tim Nugent, founder and director of the U of I rehabilitation program, encouraged Mac to develop the first U.S. fencing program for students with disabilities. Mac coached the first U.S. wheelchair fencing team that brought home medals from the Paralympics.

During his tenure at the University of Illinois, Mac was an Associate Professor, first in the department of Physical Education and later in Recreation and Park Administration. Mac developed the Garret Total Body Reaction Timer. This device was used in the Physical Education Research Lab for training purposes.

Mac also created innovative courses for the Recreation and Parks curriculum. For 14 years (1952-1966) he operated and directed a private summer day camp, Camp Illini, for children of families in the community. The camp served as a proving ground for Recreation and Parks majors. Mac also included children with physical disabilities in the camp program and always took pride in their accomplishments.

During his 28 years as Head Fencing Coach at the University of Illinois, the Illini won 17 Big Ten Championships, 2 NCAA Championships, and was only once ranked lower than second place in the Big Ten. To recognize his inspirational coaching and leadership, the University of Illinois fencers, their families, and alumni established the Maxwell R. Garret Fencing Scholarship in 1966.

In 1969 Mac took a year’s leave of absence from the U of I to serve as the Director of the Academy for Fencing Teachers in Israel. He was also appointed as the National Coach for the State of Israel.

In 1972 Penn State University recruited Mac as Professor of Recreation and Park Administration and as Head Fencing Coach. In 1973 Mac established the Penn State Open Fencing Tournament that became one of the most prestigious collegiate fencing tournaments in the country. Mac retired from Penn State University In 1982. During his ten years at Penn State, Mac’s teams won six conference championships and placed third in the NCAA in 1978-79. In recognition of his achievements, Penn State University fencers and their families established the Garret Fencing Scholarship. In 1982, upon his retirement, the annual Penn State Open Fencing Tournament became known as the Garret Penn State Open.

Although Mac “officially” retired in 1982, his contributions to the sport never ceased. He continued to serve as an Internationally ranked fencing official and officiated frequently at major national and international tournaments as well as circuit events. After retiring from Penn State, Mac recognized the need to encourage fencers of all ages to continue with the sport for their physical and mental well-being, especially for those 40 years of age and older. He was Chairman of the USFA

Veteran Age Fencing Program from 1982 until 1997. During this time, he organized and coordinated fencing competitions for Veterans in conjunction with local, sectional, and national tournaments. The USFA Veteran Fencing Program participated in its first international tournament with Great Britain in 1993.

In 1996 the Olympic Fencing Committee put into action Mac’s original concept to utilize uniform hand signals for referees, as suggested in an article he had written forty years prior. In Atlanta, Mac worked closely with his son Roger, who was the producer for the 1996 fencing Olympics and Paralympics. Together they put in countless hours to make the fencing tournament a success.

While manager of the U.S. Veteran Age Fencing Team at the International Tournament in Siofok, Hungary in 1999, Mac met with representatives from several countries and FIE representative, Max Gueter. They met with the International Fencing Federation (FIE) requesting that the FIE sponsor “The World Veterans Championship.” This request was granted the following year. Mac wrote or co-authored a dozen books dealing with fencing, boating, recreation, physical education and physical fitness. As former editor of the Swordmaster magazine, he published more than 45 articles in magazines and professional journals. He served as contributing editor to the Swordmaster, American Fencing and Mentor magazines. In addition, he served as a member of the editorial board of the Physical Education magazine. His latest book, Foil, Saber and Epee Fencing, was published by Penn State Press in May, 1994.

In 1989 Mac and Diana moved to Boynton Beach, Florida, where they currently live. Together they attended and assisted at many major fencing events in the United States and abroad.

Who’s Who in World Jewry, 1955.
Elected to the Helms Hall of Fame for Fencing, 1956.
Who’s Who of American Jewish Athletes, 1958.
Assistant U.S. Olympic Fencing Coach, Rome, Italy, 1960.
Fencing Coach of the Year, 1962 and 1965.
Service Award from the Athletic Institute 1969.
Director of the Academy for Fencing Teachers in Israel 1969-1970.
National Fencing Coach for the State of Israel 1969-1970.
Head Fencing Coach for Israel at World Championships, Ankara, Turkey, 1970.
U.S. Head Fencing Coach at World University Games, Torino, Italy, 1970.
U.S. Fencing Coach, Junior World Championships, South Bend, IN, 1971.
International Fencing Official, 9th Maccabiah Games in Israel 1973.
U.S. Fencing Coach and member of organizing committee for Andrei Spitzer Memorial (Under 19) Tournament in Israel, 1973.
Inducted into the City College of New York Athletic Hall of Fame, 1974.
U.S. Head Fencing Coach, Maccabiah Games in Israel, 1977 and 1981.
Member of U.S. Olympic Fencing Committee, 1982.
Member of the U.S. Fencing Association Board of Directors, 1982.
Manager of the U.S. National Sports Festival, Colorado Springs, CO, 1983.
Manager of the U.S. Fencing Team, Junior World Championships, Leningrad, Russia, 1984.
Founding member and three times President of the U.S. Fencing Coaches Association, 1950-1952, 1962-1963, and 1982-1984.
Former Editor of the U.S. Fencing Coaches Association Swordmaster magazine.
Internationally ranked fencing official at major national tournaments, circuit events, and Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida State Games.
As Emeritus Fencing Master, examined candidates for accreditation as Fencing Instructors, Prevosts, and Masters.
Chairman of U.S. Fencing Association Veteran Age Fencing Program,1982 – 1997.
Commissioner for Fencing, Florida Sunshine State Games, West Palm Beach, 1992.
Co-Chair Organizing Committee, U.S. National Championships, Ft Myers, FL, 1993.
Organizer and Chief of Mission, International Senior Age Tournament, England, 1994.
Advisor to the Florida International University Fencing Club, 1995-1997.
Hosted International Veteran Age Competition at St. Petersburg Beach, FL, 1995.
Chef de Mission for the U.S. Veteran Age Team, Kassel, Germany, 1996.
Organizing Committee, World Masters Games and Acting Captain, U.S. Veteran Age Team vs. Germany, Oregon,1998.
Outstanding Achievement Award from USFCA, July 1998.


Never blame GOD


People of sorts have blamed GOD for everything since the beginning of time. Whether they were an awesome soul or troubled one, so many have sent negative thoughts and energy towards the one source that has always loved them. Like a parent who sometimes hears the child’s words of disgust, GOD also feels the pain when you take away your love from him.

I myself do not judge others for anything and I believe GOD will not judge you either for feeling your pain. I think he would try to have your team of angels continuously give you signs and messages showing you the truth. The truth is that GOD will always love you even if you are the worst soul that has ever lived and that he is always trying to guide you to your destiny.

People who have experienced unimaginable loses and events in their life sometimes blame GOD for not saving or stopping an event. If this is you, please listen with an open soul. That pain is from holding onto the love you have for that person and think that love is gone with the person. The attachment to the soul and energy binds our emotions. When something leaves us on this plane and realm, we feel it. We feel the emptiness. We feel alone. All we want is that energy to be in our lives again. But it never left our energy. Just like we can connect with GOD, we can always connect with loved ones who are in Heaven.

Love does not end. If someone you loved travel around the world to another country, would they stop feeling your love? If someone who goes to Heaven, they are actually closer to your soul. They may even be in your team of guardian angels and are now apart of your soul.

Some events that occur like loosing a job or watching a great soul get the worst luck sometimes gives GOD the blame. But what if that person lost the job so they can be in another place to receive a better opportunity? What if that great soul with the worst luck needed to push and push for their dreams to finally achieve it. Now they can help motivate others.

We come into this world with out any knowledge. We learn everything we know but their is not one person who knows every truth. All we have is opinions, experiences and perspectives to give us our views on life, and GOD. There are recipes of life. Each ingredient changes the outcome of life. A vegetable can be boiled, fried, breaded, juiced, so many different ways. Each way causes a certain flavor and outcome. It is the same with us and our choices. Every choice we make it changes the recipe of our lives and others. We have the choice of it being positive or negative.

Truth, perspectives, religious views, environment, so many things determine each of our thoughts and perspectives. I don’t think their are two souls who ever lived that have the same tastes, views, outlook, perspective and energy. Each soul is designed to reach their destined path in life. It is our choices and view that determines if we ever reach the goal and if we have our eyes open during the way to see the signs and messages that are guiding us. GOD and the angels do not make decisions for us. They can not prevent the will of man.

If I decided to take drugs and hurt someone, that is not GOD’s fault. That is my energy and karma. If we did not have free will and choice, we would all be robots. Many stories of fallen angels and they knew GOD existed. They were in his light. Imagine some souls who never realized GOD. People make bad choices and decisions all the time even knowing GOD exists.

If a guy decides to make more money instead of doing the right thing and exposes chemicals to a river causing cancer, that is free will. He will have to pay for what he did some how some way. That is not GOD’s fault. That river may effect an unborn child who never saw this earth yet. As unfair as it may seem, it was that guy who decided profit over ethics. But there is always positive from negative. Maybe that unborn child grows up to develop a special filter to trap those chemicals? So many possibilities but one should never be to blame GOD.

I pray for GOD every night! I pray that more people find him. I pray that more people love him and are able to see his beauty and artistic artwork in every flower and animal. I pray that more people love GOD and no one blames him.

So how can you tell what is meant to be or the will of man?

Do everything soulfully right in life.How does this action feel? Follow your soul and never hurt anyone. Let the natural love shine from your heart and look to help others in whatever way you can from holding a door to donating time. When you are in that direction, you will be on your destined path of life. Your destiny will come to you and you will have the best timing that can only be described as Divine timing. In that energy, what ever “goes bad” is all meant to be for a reason.

We never know the reasons for GOD’s plan until we get to Heaven. May points in my life came chapters of darkness that I did not deserve. They all turned out to be blessings in disguise and much more positive insight came from the darkest hour. But in each hour, my faith in GOD NEVER was turned away or made into something negative. I never thought why me.

Follow your heart, love and forgive everyone with no judgments, do good deeds and most important, tell GOD that you love him everyday. Twice a day. Three times a day. Tell him as much as you would want to hear it from GOD.

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines forgiveness as ‘to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offence or debt’. In most contexts, forgiveness is granted without any expectation of restorative justice, and without any response on the part of the offender.

No one on earth has ever had a perfect life. Everyone has made mistakes on all levels, sometimes causing pain to others. Whether the act was intentional or just by careless thinking, those actions caused a negative feeling and event. The recipe for that action from all the choices and decisions made was basically not in the best soulful direction.

Now that event caused you pain, you are reminded of the hurt because you are allowing it to stay. The pain comes when the wound is fresh, but you can loose a limp if you let it develop into an infection. Yes there are countless recipes and severities to this perspective but it all comes down to how strong is your soul to allow only love inside your energy. How much desire do you have to really want a peaceful and happy life. What you choose to allow inside your heart becomes who you are. If you keep every bitter moment of a relationship in your heart, you will in return be bitter. You will have such a huge wall for future relationships to climb that you will never be happy and always be insecure that someone is going to hurt you again. This is all from forgiveness. Forgiveness of others and yourself.

Every relationship teaches us a insight for our soul. Relationships with family, friends, life partners or just a stranger in the street, teaches us where what lessons need to be in our lives at that moment. Everyone is your lesson. Forgiveness for these lessons are crucial otherwise you will never receive the insight You can have an awesome marriage and relationship for it to end bitterly. Instead of both souls focusing on the happy miracles they shared together, it focuses on the pain, the negative and it is only to give back the same pain inflicted. This cycle could continue indefinitely or until one gives up. But why? Why allow negative events to consume your thoughts, energy, actions and soul. In this bitter divorce case, the children are being effected, spending countless hours talking and feeling the negative events of the marriage, majority of thoughts and words are about this subject and you are living in a negative energy. But you are allowing it to effect you.

You do not have to fight. You do not have to inflict revenge. You do not have to allow this negative energy to consume your soul. How can your soul achieve its destined path when you are stopping it. How can it shine with love and light when you cover it with a blanket of ill will.

Negativity causes good feelings of a rush but only last a short while. This is because when you do something negative to another, you take a piece of that persons energy. Think of two kids and one made fun of the other and the whole class laughed. The jokester took a piece of the other kids energy. That moment made him feel tall and especially when the class laughed. The other kid felt a piece taken away from him. He felt the negative emotion of embarrassment. Felt that alone feeling. Eventually the jokester moves on cause he can not hold onto that split second moment of the energy taking. The other kid eventually regains his strength and composer then moves on.

Forgiveness stops this negative cycle from continuing. No matter what it is, even if someone murdered your love one, you have to let it go. Forgiveness begins with not holding judgment. We are not GOD, only GOD judges. Everyone faces their own energy and actions whether here or or after here. See the person and the action. Forgive that person for causing you that pain. Forgive them for taking your energy in a negative way. Forgive them for not being the love that they were made with. Most importantly, forgive them because you only fill your heart with happy positive loving energy. Light is always brighter then darkness. Shine!

When you forgive from the heart, you allow more of an opening to receive positive energy. Law of attraction is the energy you have and surround yourself with. If your living a negative life, more negative energy and events are surrounding you. If your living a happy positive life, you will be surrounded by a loving carefree life filled with miracles and divine guidance.

When you forgive others in your heart, you will forgive yourself for all your mistakes. If you feel really bad about something you did, then go create some beautiful happy moments to make up for it. Do as many good deeds as it takes until your guilt is released. Keep your heart pure with positive energy and forgive anyone who has hurt your soul. Pain is not in forgiving but in holding onto the event.

I send out my prayer of intention for any soul to forgive me if I have wronged or hurt them in any way, from the past, currently or in the future. I forgive anyone who has hurt me in my life. The more love and light we fill ourselves up with, the more love and miracles we will share with each other. This is one way we change the world.