Warning signs


Passover represents so many miracles on so many scales and levels. From Moses freeing the people of Israel to Jesus rising from the dead. Regardless of your belief, this holiday represents GOD, miracles, angels, freedom, sacrifices, resurrections, life and so much more. I want to share a personal miracle that happened while I lived in Philadelphia about 13 years ago at this same time. This miracle is still so fresh in my thoughts that I can place my energy there in that moment and feel the divine presence.

It was a icy snow storm which started around noon. It was really cold and windy and night started to fall, the ice began to freeze. The city actually closed the main highways including sections of I-95 because it was that dangerous. No one was allowed to drive. You could literally slide on the ice right outside your door.

I was in my apartment which was on the second floor. My place was on a main avenue that was a business district which included bars and restaurants. My door was plexiglass with metal frame. You needed a key to get in and a key to get out. At night I would lock the door and take the key to prevent anyone trying to open the door. This is Philadelphia 😉 As you come up the steps, you could go straight into the dining room and kitchen. From the top of the steps to the door of the dining room was about 15-12 feet. The door leading into the dining room had a shoe rack attached to the door. The rack was held by two hooks that were at the top of the door. It had my shoes and sneakers on it. Yes, this was not a formal dining room. To the left of the steps was a bedroom. If you went all the way to the left, a bathroom and a front bedroom.

I was in my front room which had windows facing the avenue. My two friends along with my cat Gemini were all watching tv. I got up to go to the kitchen and this is when the miracle took place. From my point of view, I could see the hallway, banister, top of steps, shoe rack and door to dining room. The first step I took outside of my door I saw this void. It was a black shadow but in physical form. It was about 3 feet wide and two feet tall and zoomed down the hallway. Imagine taken a piece of space and putting it on the floor, this is what I saw. This void did not go up and down, it stayed the same course, straight, low to ground and fast. As it went through the door into the dining room, away from me, it hit the shoe rack at the bottom, knocking one side of the door. Now the show rack is swinging from side to side scraping against the door.


My first reaction was to jump on something high to get my feet off the ground but I was paralyzed in my space. It felt like a long moment of stillness. I heard ringing on my ears and just felt like I was not there. Just to be clear, I was not drinking, smoking or anything else. I was completely sober. As I am replaying everything in my head of whatI just witnessed, I felt reality starting to set back in. Remember I only took one step outside my room.

I did not want to go into that room and follow the void alone for sure. Furthermore, I wanted to make sure it was not my cat. When I turned around, both my friends and my cat were on the couch. I told them what just happened and they stood up to see that the shoe rack was still swinging. We all slowly checked each room like the ghostbusters and were baffled. How could my friends explain the shoe rack swinging when they saw me only take one step outside the door? I was 40 feet from that door. Both hooks were still perfect on the door rack and I put it back up.

I questioned myself over and over but I did not find a large animal or anything that could logically explain what I witnessed. The void was the size of a medium dog but not as tall and it didn’t go up and down only sideways. After we all prayed because we did not know what happened, I called my tai chi teacher at the time since he was teaching me about energy and chi. He told me that no matter what I do, DO NOT leave my house. It was a warning and sign. I did not have any plans to go out and it was after 11pm anyway. Both of my friends walked home and I sat in my room thinking. What would you be thinking? I am sure your thoughts passed my mind at the time also. I sat in silence and just tried to connect to GOD. I was scared. I never seen anything like that and although I did not feel negative vibes I was just unsure of the sign. Did I do something wrong? Was something bad going to happen to me? This is before I started connecting with my angels so I just kept telling GOD how much I loved him.

About an hour goes by after my friends leave and I am still wide awake and scared but still connecting to GOD. Then a loud knock happen on my plexiglass door and the loud vibrations scared me and I jumped…lol… into a self defense pose on my back from the floor. Ok…lol..it was more like me on my back with my feet in the air while holding my hands over my eyes. I am just glad I already went through puberty so I was able to have a deep toned scream. My angels definitely laughed their wings off.

I ran down to the door and seen a close relative. This relative was like a brother, someone who I loved and looked up to. We will call him Superman. Superman was outside and mumbling his words. Superman must have eaten kryptonite OR have been at the bar for awhile. I have never seen someone so inebriated and still be able to stand let alone on that ice. Then BAM, it hit me. The warning was to protect superman. I told him to wait there and I ran back upstairs to get my keys so I could let him in. I was maybe 25 seconds max. When I came down, he was gone. I opened the door and he was not on the avenue anywhere. No cars were on the road on even parked on the ave. It felt like everyone disappeared. I ran around the corner and then I saw him a block away coming out of an alley.

??????? is exactly what I was thinking. If I ran upstairs and ran downstairs and ran to the corner, how could superman make it a block away on ice and being so mangled. And mangled is the right word for his energy. Did I really see him at my door? I yelled his name and he slowly stumbled and swayed until I reached him. I held his arm tight and walked superman back to my car. I took him home even though the conditions were horrible. He had a family and I knew they could care for him the best. I drove under 10 mph and helped undress and tuck him in. He was mumbling so many things before I left but I knew I love you man was somewhere in there.

There is no doubt in my mind that what I saw was something not of this plane or reality. I was given an opportunity to help and like superman always does, I accepted the good deed with open arms and love. It is about being aware to signs and message because we see them all the time. Ironically, I thought of this miracle while I was watching the bible series on the History channel. All of my blogs are about my own personal lessons, experiences and insight I have learned and witnessed. Everyone has witnessed miracles but only some acknowledge that it was just that, a miracle. Look at the logical side of events but also feel the spiritual side.

Today superman is married and has children. He could of froze to death, fell and split his head, there are so many thoughts that cross my mind. I am so THANKFUL to GOD and my angels for allowing me that responsibility to help. My life is about helping in whatever way I can. Just remember, no kryptonite on icy days.


Angels & addicts ÷ your soul


To fully grasp the perspective of this particular blog, please read “guardian angels”.

Addiction in a logical sense is a mental or physical dependency upon a substance, act, feeling and even a person. It could be just about anything. It is the lack of will and strength to fight the battle to the end and not to look back. Many addicts try numerous times and give up only to suppress the cycle even deeper. The longer you stay in the “addiction”, the stronger it gets. This view, while correct, puts you against you. You are trying to conquer yourself. Then when you fail to beat yourself, you only get weaker and give up even further.  You are literally beating yourself up. Imagine constantly punching yourself, there is no winner unless you stop. But the whole time you had the choice to stop but something is making you hit yourself. What is that “something” ?

Spiritually it represents something most people will never think of. From this one simple perspective, whether true or not, will definitely help someone take the battle till the end and win. There is not just one view on GOD, there are many ways to believe and think. The more we know and explore, the better choices we can make for ourselves. The choice and belief that suits our soul the best is the winner. In all perspectives of GOD, there is no loser.

First lets look how an addiction could start. You have your team of angels guiding you from birth. Their goal is for you to achieve your destined path in life and protect you. There are different angels and different strengths of angels. Some angels can not defeat “negative” things per se, they may need help. This also represents your will power, drive and strength of your determination and fight as a person. Some people are naturally stronger then others. This strength is the key factor.

Someone depressed, angry at life, just had a terrible loss, etc., these things weaken your energy and your protection from your angels. You are in essence opening yourself up along with your energy to a path of the negative. All of these feelings are negative so you are going to attract that type of energy around you. Like a wounded fish around sharks. After a negative experience, that soul wants to forget and escape their reality. They are trying to be in another place and realm to escape life because they feel anything is better then where they are at the moment. They may take a drink, use drugs, gamble, self mutilate, anything to escape this reality and view of life. But this is only a perspective they take on. They take on a view in a negative direction.

At this point the pattern will continue because something happens to keep it going. Imagine a negative “angel”, bad spirit, just a bad energy (perspective) that comes into your team of angels. This energy is now sharing space with your guardian angels. It is there because you invited it in by the addiction. You are your angels and now this negative energy also. This energy is your escape from reality. But remember, it was “invited” in and will stay with you as long as you let it. It is a house guest that never leaves.

This energy could be more then one but either way it is something negative within you. You always hear people say this about addicts “Who are you? You are not the same person!!”. This is because you are now apart of this negative energy, and who likes negative energy? This energy needs to feed and like a dog it will eat until it can not eat any more and then it will eat agin. Food does not feed the negative but energy does. It is a soul sucker and leacher. It lashes on and no one can help you but YOU. You could go to the top rehab places in the world and have the best doctors and medicine known to humanity but that can not stop your will and desire to feed the negative energy of an addict.

Lets take drugs for example, but hardcore drugs like crack and heroin. Every time you use you are feeding that energy. Every time you steal, lie and manipulate for your drug, you feed the energy. Every negative act feeds this void and it only grows with you. The more your an addict (by choices and uses), the stronger it gets. Jail does not stop an addict nor does living in the middle of no where. Only you stop yourself but how?

On the logical side of things, you are fighting yourself and your body’s dependency. On the spiritual side, you are fighting a negative energy with the help of your angels. They will not help you unless you ask them to. If you were over a friends house and they had a bad house guest, you could not ask them to leave and even if you did, the owner of the house has the right to let them stay. We are in control of our own house and soul. Until the owner asks the negative energy to leave, your team of angels can only sit and watch. They will still try to help you see the bad choices you are making. They will still try to save you from the dangers of getting your fixes. They will always help YOU, but in the end you have to decide who resides in your soul. But you will always have signs and messages around you constantly guiding you to the right path. An addict ignores these signs.

If you are a person of faith, GREAT, you are one step closer to the right path. If not a believer, find it. Find GOD, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, whoever, but find that source and you will find your true self. All of these faiths believe in angels. Ask your angels for help. Ask them to give you all the strength to overcome this bad energy and to have enough will power to make it leave your team of angels. Tell this negative energy that you no longer wish to be an addict and that they have to leave. That GOD is the true source of life and that you want to live in peace and happiness.

Now comes an act, a physical act to seal your intention and will. The bible used sacrifices and animals but I love all life even the red ants who bite me at the beach every Saturday. Decide on an act, whether it is throwing sand in the air. Maybe digging a hole and throwing your addiction in and burying that energy? Maybe write it on a piece of paper and then ripping it up or burning it. Something to signify your intention and desire to beat this energy. Voodoo uses this same approach but usually for negative energy. We use it for the good, positive, loving energy we are creating.

Both of these perspectives gives a different fight and battle. One battle is you fighting you. The other battle is you and your angels fighting to kick a negative energy out of your soul and space. In either battle or perspective, I hope and pray that you will never have to face that type of energy and if you do, know that your strength and love from GOD can easily kick out ANYTHING negativity. Have faith, LOVE yourself and know that no battle in life leaves you empty handed. Each battle brings lessons of insight. This is the insight we are meant to share with others. If we all share our soul, there will always be more love and light then negative energies. GOD Bless every soul 😉



Guardian Angels


This particular blog is very special and deep within my soul. If not for my angels, I know that I would be in a completely different place both physically and spiritually. I have had profound, miraculous and divine connections with my angels on so many levels all throughout my life. We all have these connections but how many count it off as something logical without having faith it came from somewhere divine? We all have been saved somewhere in the course of our life. All had close calls to being hurt or maybe worse.

We all have changed as a person in terms of growth or personality throughout our lives. We are not the same person when we were 10 or 18. We still stay the “same person” but we change. Life changes us but there are other reasons that contribute.

Just about all religions in existence today believe in Angels. Some religions consider angels deities or loved ones lost. Angels for the most part represent a soul from GOD’s energy helping humanity achieve its destined path. Our guardian angel is the one assigned to our soul to protect and guide throughout our life. Well what if we had more then one? What if someone had thousands? Who would be in charge? Someone managing this holy team? Is everything inside your team of angels positive?

This is my theory of how it works. Every soul born into this world has a team of at least 7 angels. Some may have thousands, depending on their destiny, but we all have at least 7. Inside this team there is a managing angel, someone always in charge. Your team still acts as one but this one angel is the spotlight. Our energy is the same thing as our soul, life force, chi aura, it is all the same. Our angels are our energy. They are inside our “chi bubble”, our soul. They are individual but anything inside your chi bubble is what you feel and how you act. Your personality is a combination of your soul and all the angels. You are their personality as well. You are made up of them.

One angel may have a warrior type of soul, therefore you would have that type of energy and personality apart of your make up. Maybe your a female with many male angels. You would not be a princess type of woman, you would be more strong and “boyish”. Vice verse, too many female angels with a man, may have sensitive feminine energy in nature. But depending on your stage of life at the moment, you could be and feel something else.

We all go through chapter changes in our lives. You are not the same person as you were when you were 10, 15, 23, 33, etc. As you get older, you experience more “versions” of yourself. Logically, family, career, faith, location, etc , all play a part of who we are and how we are as a person. Spiritually, a new angel takes over. Both of these happen at the same time. When that new angel comes into the lead, now you are more like that angel. You take on more of that personality and energy. Maybe this angel is a nurturer and at the same time you just had a child. Maybe you had a miracle happen to you and your faith changes. Maybe you have a strong faithful angel who is more evolved.

These changes of management do not happen over night. Sometimes it takes months or longer. It also depends on how much you try to “hold onto” the life you are living knowing that you are being guided to change it. The more you hold on the harder the process will be. We all have chapters in our lives and each one is guided by the best angel for that particular journey in your life. Some of these ending chapters involve people.

I grew up in the projects of Philadelphia. My first angel in charge had to be strong, tough and be able to experience the worst of life. Someone with a weaker angel at that moment may not have made it out of the projects. My next angel came in around 12-13. Bar mitzvahs represent the transition from child to man. Transition of angels as well. I feel bad for my angel during this period. While I kept a good heart, I was making choices like any bad teenager. My angel probably had a sore throat from yelling at me all the time.

My next change came when I was 20-21. This angel was my eye opening angel. This angel definitely had a big heart connection with GOD because this is the time where I realized the strength of his love. For the next 11 years, I experienced so much love, miracles and Divine energy that it would guide my life to its destined path. On Youtube.com/BreatheToBelieve you can see a few of my biggest miracles. There is no way to explain the amount that I experienced but only through my life’s work going forward. To feel GOD’s divine plan brings you to yourself because that is where GOD is.

I am in a transition now with my angel. They all have a purpose for that particular chapter and that energy is the right combination to get you through that chapter. Every chapter we are going to experience hurt and pain. Experience love and joy. These are all the lessons to make us who we are right now. My current angel is definitely going to step down with a HUGE applause. It was through this angel that I found my destiny. I could have missed it but he always made sure my timing was divine even to today. This type of angel has King David type of energy. A soldier of GOD. Willing to fight for what is righteous. Striving to stay in the light of GOD. Making his heart the biggest weapon he has against negativity. Doing the work of GOD and helping others see the light that already surrounds them.

My next angel introduced himself to me a long time ago. This story is in my blog and you can see some photos below. This angel I am very excited for. This angel is the energy I strive to be. This angel changes everything for the better with simple tools. This angel uses his heart and breath to spread healing of the body and the soul. This angel is giving an easy tool to exercise your soul. He is also a athletic angel. I know his wings have some big muscles because I have never worked out so hard in my life before. I feel that I am in great shape but my energy, my angel is saying we need to move up some more levels. I look forward to this before is it only making me healthier and always putting me in places where I can help others who need the tool of the breath.

*****This section was added a few days after this post on the next day following Easter.*****

I thought the last paragraph was true and it was but from what already took place not what is going to take place. The angel described above was my current angel in charge. All those things I was and still am but I was feeling different. I was not really feeling like a warrior but more of a lover. I was not looking to protect but feeling like I must share and give. I am having strong callings to nature and flowers. I am trying to stay in a constant flow of love. A warrior can not do that all the time. Although I will always have this angel in my circle and his instinct, energy and awareness, my focus is changing but still have the same destined path. This angel is going to be the best angel for this chapter and period in my life. This angel is a loving child.

I had a dream that I was on a huge wheel that could have belonged to the largest industrial tracker. This tire was huge and I was standing on the top. There were boxes and platforms leading up to the top and a line full of men trying to get to my position. If I allowed these people on here I felt I would be pushed off. I kept pushing them away. They did not fall but only disappeared and still kept coming, one after the other.

All of a sudden in the mist of these men was a little girl. She was shining with a smile and a light that you just wanted to hug her. She was wearing a white dress and had long blond hair. Before I could stop myself from the constant motion of pushing, I pushed her but did not mean to. In the instant she disappeared she reappeared in the same spot. She said with a carefree joyous voice “Why are you pushing me? I have been protecting you your whole life”. A warm stillness is what I physically felt and that instant I remembered the angel photo of the big angel holding the little girl. It was her!!

Right at that realization, I woke up not being able to speak a word. The message was delivered. She is the one coming into charge and thats why my spirit and energy has been transforming into that. Lol…I think about all the times my friends use to say that I was acting like a little girl 😉 Man only if they knew.

Knowing this allows me to embrace those sensitive changes that revolve around love and kindness with a carefree playful attitude. These are the energies of any little girl. They are more concerned about the well-being and love of others. It is so hard to resist the energy of a little girl speaking. I should know, I am 40 boxes of girl scout cookies deep.

So I go forward knowing that if I allow this energy to be free and act from this light, my destined path will only unfold even more. It is when people fight their chapters of life that causes the perspective of something negative. I thank GOD and my angels for always giving me signs and messages so I can smile at the miracles along the way and continue to be a student of life. *****

When the current angel steps down, they don’t leave. It just means they are not as dominant in your energy anymore, the next one is. I look forward to all my chapters because I know I have my foundation and I get to choose what my energy experiences.

The angels are all waiting for you to connect if you never have before. The angels are the only ones who are by your side from birth to death, no other soul is. Close you eyes, take 10 minutes and focus on your angels. Ask them to give you signs of their names and existence and be sure to say sorry for not talking to them sooner. They will forgive 😉 If you keep seeing a particular name or have a dream of a name, there is your sign. Always pray and talk to your angels. Ask they for help. They worship GOD as we do and they are trying to direct you to your destiny all throughout your life. I will share some of my stories within my blog and youtube.

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We are all the “CHOSEN” ones


We are all born with different gifts and different levels of gifts for a reason. We are all CHOSEN to have certain qualities because we will need them for our life. Moreover, they help connect us to our destined path of life. Some people are born with a veil, meaning a thin piece of skin over the eyes. These people usually see and feel energy (spirits, ghosts, entities, angels,etc- depends on perspective). Some can hear and communicate while others just have strong intuitive or physic thoughts and feelings. Some may have the gift of gab and be able to adapt to any situation. Some are gifted with a talent or maybe a huge heart. Whether it is metaphysical or physical, we are all given gifts before we are born. All gifts come with responsibility.

Some people find their gifts at a young age while others develop it. There are also gifts that can be worked for. The gift of virtues will bring a wealth of insight and love into any soul. Everyone has the ability to get those gifts. They are the gifts of the heart because you can only find them by using your heart. The responsibilities that comes with the gifts are also the rewards. The moments that we bask in the presence of a miracle is worth everything. All in all the more you work the circle the stronger everything becomes. The more you create positive loving energy, the more that will surround your soul. It will just get stronger and work more perfect.

On the opposite end of the scale, if you work against it, that karma will work the same. The negative you pull into your life will just keep getting stronger and more frequent. If you are using gifts to hurt, manipulate, take advantage of, etc., you will be attracting such chaos that you will not be able to escape from it. This type of chaos is worse because we all know better, everyone in their soul is knowingly making that bad choice and action. Which side of the scale would you want to be on? Of course we all would but how many are making the right choices on a consistent basis?

Ultimately in life, I think we are all here to help and love one another. In this process we will experience miracles and GOD’s energy. If we truly get in touch with ourselves, we get in touch with our natural gifts. We will be more aware of our body, energy and intentions. We will feel where we have to go in life and will be guided as planned. It is only us that divert us from the true us. We have to stop fighting ourselves internally first. We have to want to become the best versions of our soul. We have to stay in the gratitude and give love to GOD constantly. All we have to do is breathe and love ourselves. Hug yourself and look in the mirror and remind yourself how much you love you. Standing in the mirror for more then 40 minutes is loving too much…just saying. Do seven things everyday that makes you happy. When you are the best version of you, everyone else around you becomes the best versions of them. Start the cycle by leading the example. Be the true you.

Your Intuitive Gifts


What is intuition, logically and spiritually?


in·tu·i·tion [in-too-ish-uhn, -tyoo-] noun

1.direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension.

2.a fact, truth, etc., perceived in this way.

3.a keen and quick insight.

4.the quality or ability of having such direct perception or quick insight.

We all have had intuitive moments where we “knew” the situation or event. We all have had deju vu. We all might have dreamed a dream that came true. Our ear sometimes ring when someone is talking about us. Whenever someone sneezes, confirming the truth. Whenever you see a feather or sign from your angels. These are all our intuitive energies. Why doesn’t any school or religion teach about the use of energy and these gifts that are given to us to help us along our journey. Sometimes mysticism is our intuitive gifts coming alive.

Our intuitive energy plays a huge part in helping guide us. There are so many perspectives but like in all my blogs, I give the perspective that I learned and experienced. I can only talk about what I feel and have witnessed, what is intuitive to me. We all have great gifts, some greater then others depending on view.

We all have experienced a bad feeling before going somewhere only for something bad to happen. This is your intuition and if you would have been aware of the gift, you would have trusted your instinct and not gone. We CHOOSE to ignore the signs and messages constantly because most do not have a strong bond of faith. My faith is the strongest it has ever been and only gets stronger everyday! I have seen more miracles in the last 4 years then I ever have, all guiding me to my destined path. But I have faith and follow all the signs and messages. If I have a bad feeling before I go somewhere, I don’t go or I am very aware of my surroundings if I have to go. The more you are the aware the stronger the signs. Listen to your gut and be aware of your body and energy.

Deja vu to me is confirmation that I am in Divine timing, meaning I am in the right place at the right time to my destined path. At this perfect connection comes this feeling. Just a reminder to keep going. Some need more reminders then others for different purposes. Some are also more gifted then others in which they are naturally more in tune with their gifts and intuition. These can be psychics and mediums.

Ears ringing is a sign that someone is talking about you. It could be good or bad vibes. If it is bad vibes, you will feel other negative attributes then just the ringing. When we pray to GOD, we connect energies. We think about him/her and our energy naturally extends in that direction. The same with a person but with ringing, the person is sending really strong vibes. They could be boosting you up as a person to someone else or they could be talking bad about you, either way it is a connection from that soul to yours. Your energy is “over-hearing” the conversation not that the person is intensely sending you vibes.

The sneeze rule is ancient Jewish mysticism. Whenever someone sneezes, whatever your thinking and whatever is being said is the truth. Wait what?? Yes, whatever your thinking and whatever is being said out loud at the time of a sneeze is the truth. Ok….I love my mom, why isn’t anyone sneezing? Everyone in the vicinity of a sneeze has to be thinking a true thought or be saying something true in order for a sneeze to happen. That sneeze is a message for all, sometimes more then 15 people. How many people around a sneeze sometimes especially in public. Imagine if they all recognized it and allowed that sign to help their path of life for the better? It will take a few sneezes before you really catch on and become aware. The hardest part is just to say Bless you and keeping listening without saying OMG that is the truth. You can’t break the flow of energy to talk about a sign. Then you stop the other signs from happening. Just keep listening and be aware.

Everyone has at least 7 Guardian Angels (different blog). Your angels are the only energy with your soul from the time you were born until your last breath. Our parents will be gone before us and our kids will out last us, only our angels are here the entire path of our life. Our angels are always trying to connect and communicate. They are helping us as much as possible after all we are their responsibility. Their responsibility is to help and guide us to fulfill our destiny. They are always trying to connect. They are the force behind signs and messages. They control the energy with GOD’s permission to direct our path of life for the best outcome. They always leave us sings that they are here besides us. My personal sign is feathers. When ever I see feathers, I always think of my Angels. Some are coins, others hearts. Whatever is always popping up your path of life, whatever repeats itself is usually a sign. Always be aware, always be open and always be full of love. Love is the way to a pure connection with your angels and GOD.

So how do we exercise these gifts? How do we get in touch with them and our angels? All the answers come from getting in touch with yourself and your heart. To really know yourself and love yourself. Then we exercise our energy to make it stronger. The stronger our energy the stronger our gifts and intuition. Tai chi, qi gong, yoga, meditation, prayer, etc, are all ways to exercise this energy. Everyone has different recipes. My recipe is through tai chi and qi gong. You are constantly moving your energy and cleaning it at the same time. Your angels and GOD is your energy. Everything is one so the more you find yourself, the more you find them.

Get in touch with yourself

Exercise your energy

Be aware of the signs and messages

Listen to your intuition

Do as many good deeds as possible

With GOD by your side and you totally focused on your energy, their is no doubt in my soul that you will be guided to where you are suppose to be right now in this moment of time. In the perfect moment of our destined paths comes all the insights and lessons to evolve our souls to the bright shining love it is meant to be.


The “Good Deed Bank”


The Good Deed Bank is the place where all your positive karma and energy goes. Every time you do a good deed and create a positive moment, you get that little brownie point. Yes the Good Deed Bank is full of brownies, chocolate is a commodity. Some brownies are bigger then others but right down to the crumb, it is noticed, counted and praised. Just like any responsible soul, we want to save as much as we can especially for those rainy days. This bank also gives interest and dividends.

Whenever we pray or manifest something, depending on what it is, the Good Deed Bank pays the tab. It is an exchange of energies. The more good you do the more that will naturally happen for you. Law of attraction, yes. Prayers coming true, yes. Logical ways of it happening, yes. Taking some of the credit from creating so many good deeds, most definitely!

You will always be covered with everything you need in life if you keep making deposits. This is your retirement fund in Heaven as well so even if you don’t spend all of your credit, just means you will have a bigger cloud to hang out on. Good deeds are a responsibility to our souls. Some people ask for more then they give. True givers do not have expectations on their prayer and are always in a state of gratitude for their existence. This way everything that comes in is a gift.

Here is the trick to own shares in the Good Deed Bank. When you own shares, you are able to borrow more then your credit. Start by constantly doing good deeds. Really get in touch with your heart and ask for opportunities to be apart of a good deed. Any good deed is still a good deed. A simple smile to cheer someone up, holding a door, giving a compliment, any positive moment gets a deposit. You will notice things changing in this moment. You will have more of Divine timing. You will, through good deeds, be more divinely guided to your destiny. These are the tools necessary to be able to walk on your path of life with constant appreciation for life.

Try not to ask for anything when you pray but always pray for others. Anything that you can do yourself, do it. Save the prayer energy for something bigger. After constantly doing good deeds and creating all these beautiful moments, your energy is in a higher place. If you need a huge prayer at this point whether to help someone who is sick, your own health, anything, it will have all the loving energy behind it to help push it into reality.

People say I wish the world was a better place. I have that same wish but a wish is not good enough. Action from the heart and good deeds are how you change the world. The more love is shown, the more love extends in all everyone’s actions. Change the heart and change the world. I live through my heart and wear it on my sleeve. Encourage yourself and others to save in the Good Deed Bank, it is the best bank in Heaven!!


Ceremony for loosing a loved one


Ceremonies, funerals, dedications, unveilings, etc are all ways to remember and connect with a soul. While we give gratitude during these services, we should also connect in our own space. If that soul was close to you with genuine love then you should connect in a private space.

There are so many ways to connect. With this connection comes insight, answers, energy and peace especially if your heart is hurting. First lets remember that this soul is in Heaven. What better place to be? They are relaxing on a cloud somewhere and hanging out with Angels. No matter the perspective, the soul is in a holy place within GOD’s energy and love. Where else would you rather be? Our hurt is natural since we are attached from the heart but we have to replace that feeling with happiness and gratitude. Be happy they are chilling in Heaven. Be grateful that GOD gave you that amount of time to enjoy their soul in your life and for all the positive impacts they had on you. Be in that happy positive state. This state allows the signs and messages to flood in with clarity.

Think of a peaceful, serene natural place if possible. The beach, woods, lake, something in nature and surrounded by life. Once in that space choose the area that you feel is the right for the intention and light the candle. Sit comfortable and hold a chi ball. Chi ball is when your hands are facing each other, palm verse palm while keeping your fingers relaxed. Breathe in thru the nose and out thru the mouth slowly and softly. Hand distance is 6-12 inches apart. Close your eyes and begin to think about the soul during one of their happiest moments. Feel that happy emotion with them and be in their moment.

Begin to now envision that soul sitting in front of you. See their smile and know that they can hear your every thought and feeling. Tell them how much you love them along with anything else you wish to share.At the end of your connection, hold your arms out as if you were going to hug them. Some of you will feel the energy of their  soul and some will not, either way you gave love and energy to that soul.

These types of connections can also be with animals. My kitty Libra went to Heaven a few years ago. This cat was Pepe Lapu but orange and no accent. He was such a loving energy. I love my animals like family because they are. I was able to hold Libra while he went to Heaven and that was such a great gift to be in that moment. I knew once he crossed over that he would give me a hug before Heaven. Then I gave him a proper burial. I dug the hole myself and bought tons of fresh flowers. I wrapped him in his favorite blanket and filled it with his favorite toys and of course cat nip. After I placed him down, I put my kippur on and said prayers for his soul. I gave thanks to GOD for such a beautiful gift that gave me so much love and laughter. I covered him with roses so he would smell good in Heaven. He was definitely the cats meow.  😉   So if you have any life that goes on, you can still connect and give thanks. It is only time, energy and thoughts that is necessary.

When your born into the world, we celebrate the gift. After your last breath, we give thanks for the gift. Now is the time to enjoy the gift while they are still in your life. If you are always spreading love, you will never have any regrets within a passing. Stay in GOD’s light to make sure everything will be alright.




Enlightenment from good deeds


There are many ways to GOD regarding beliefs, values and faith. Each religion and belief also has their own way to reach an enlightened state of being. Some use self service, meditation, charity, prayer and the list goes on. One crucial factor is that they all require “good energy”. Energy in the sense of state of mind, awareness and positivity. No one who is angry all the time will see a constant state enlightened. We all get glimpses of this feeling when we see miracles or when something divine happens but to “BE” in this feeling takes that state of mind which controls your emotions and energy. So lets examine the recipe of good energy.

Anyone who has ever achieved enlightenment will feel a constant, overwhelming sense of peace. There are no worries when your enlightened. Moses was not afraid leaving Egypt. He was in GOD’s energy. You have the constant feeling of experiencing a huge miracle. Imagine seeing a huge miracle or remembering one you already witnessed. At that moment in time, nothing could go wrong. You were in a connection of Divine energy that nothing negative could get in. Now imagine always walking in that light. Well you do not have to be Jesus, Moses, or Buddha to experience this feeling, all you have to do is follow the recipe and you will be naturally and Divinely guided there. It is up to you to hold onto it.

The law of attraction is a standard perspective from just about everyone alive. If you look like poo, smell like poo, more likely you will attract the flies that eat poo. If you are a flower hanging around poo, sooner or later your gonna realized your surrounded by poo. You are your energy but what decides the feeling of our energy? WE DO!! Think of that angry person. Usually you can tell from a distance that they are not happy. You instinctively want to stay away. That energy is not the energy that Jesus, Moses or Buddha had. Now think of a sweet old man just walking down the street and smiling from living a beautiful life. You kind of want to go up and just give him a hug. Two different energies, two different perspectives, only one is in the enlightened state.

Two easy ways to keep our energy positive with unlimited ways to explore them. First way is to keep our energy clear, clean and pure. No life ever has been without stress but it is how you deal with it but more importantly, how not to let it effect you. There are many ways to exercise and cleanse your energy. Yoga, tai chi, qi gong, reiki, meditation, etc. We carry stress whether worrying about a family member, job, house, and many other directions our energy reaches out to. By having a tool to release this energy, we clean our chi. We come back to out natural relaxed self. Now no emotion is controlling our pattern. We have to cleanse everyday because it is also preventive. Find your best recipe.

The second ingredient is from acting on good deeds. Now that we cleansed our energy, we fill it up with good energy from the good deeds. Whenever we do anything good, we get a sense of ahhhhh….that nice warming heart feeling. That is our Divine reward. You are creating a positive moment when it didn’t exist. You are bringing life to a void. You are creating a fire to light the path of GOD. Any good deed is awesome!! you don’t have to be a priest or rabbi to be a good person. All you have to do is hold a door, leave a flower or simply make someone smile. The more you practice the deeds, the more they will come. Some will be easy and others super grande but in the end, all the energy is going to GOD.

As simple as these two insights are, they are a constant work in progress. You can never master good deeds. All you can do is master accepting opportunities for your soul. Your instinct and heart have to be inline with GOD. By constantly filling your energy up with positive energy and cleansing your chi, you will with no doubt be walking on the enlightened path, all while your angels guide the timing.

This was my way to seeing and experiencing miracles but I din’t stop once I saw a miracle. Instead I went all in and totally give my heart and soul to GOD. I at least know that GOD wants me to have clean energy and to always help others when I can. I walk everyday on this path because I am a man of faith. My faith has given me my destiny. My faith is me telling GOD how much I love him/her and how Thankful I am for my life. My faith is my energy. Everyone should have faith.