30 day silent meditation with my 87 year old father

I never imagined doing a silent meditation for a day let alone 30 days and with my 87 year old father. It is basically just being quiet and not allowed to communicate in any form to anyone. It can be adapted to any lifestyle depending on preference and capabilities. Simply just observing life quietly. I have my balancing moments of being talkative and quiet but I have been talking every day for 36 years. It is challenging breaking any pattern we become so comfortable with especially communicating. We all develop our own patterns to communicate and how we express ourselves our thoughts and emotions. Some people tend to talk just to be heard that is why it is “draining”. Everything we know about life and science all comes down to simple but complex energy. Our communication and learned behaviors are the center and focus in every energy exchange with others.

Whether we are talking to a loved one and feel comfortable or arguing with a stranger we participate energetically with that person. Complements feel good while insults hurt. We decide if we add loving energy or kiss my ass type energy. The level and depth is up to you. I always try to speak positive and loving not only in my words but also with my body and energy. Our thoughts control our energy. Whatever we think we vibrate out. Ever walk into a room and feel a person who is negative or maybe you felt a bad vibe? All these scenarios take massive amounts of energy. Imagine if you saved all that energy, what would happen? Where would it go and what effect would we feel? How much stress would you save. Many conversations lead to arguments and energy battles. What if you stopped that from happening? Imagine that feeling.

In the last two years my heart has been torn and broken from my mom going to Heaven along with two really bad engagements (never married, engaged, lived with or had kids before) and I just realized I have not healed completely. As positive and happy as I am I just acknowledged that I have been burying all my pain. The space for healing needs the right elements and living on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala could not be more perfect for this transformation.

I did not decide to do this silent meditation on my own, my angels had it planned for me and I just recently realized the signs. Before Pops and I started this journey I prayed to GOD and my angels along with everything holy. I surrendered my will to their plan. I will adapt to their plan instead of me forcing doors that do not open. I soul sang “Whatever you want me to do, whoever you want me to help, where ever you want me to be, I surrender to you and your Divine plan.

Any time delays (flat tires, traffic, long grocery lines) I accept with an open heart and patience knowing these events are only to put me in the right place at the right time. If we are in the perfect divine timing then we will always be in our path of destiny. Once you are aware of the guidance, you have to trust your angels. Their only job is to make sure we achieve our destiny. My angels made this opportunity for me and I accept with open arms. The timing of this meditation could not have come at a better time.

Our 2nd day here I meet someone doing the same 30 day meditation. I immediately got the sign to do the same after all this journey is also about pops and I doing things we have never done before. It is about growing and evolving our soul to the best version of self. More importantly, it is about setting the path for others to get inspiration from. It is about spreading as much love and light as possible to the souls who need it the most.

I knew for awhile that pops and I were going to do this meditation but I wanted to wait for the right moment. Pops and I are working through our own shit to put it simply. The things we learned, created and built that does not serve our higher purpose must be made aware and then conquered. This meditation will give us the time and reflection for the opportunity to evolve our souls. Free will is our greatest gift so we have the choice to fix our flaws or not. I choose to be the best version of myself. I choose to be in the light as much as I can. I choose to accept all opportunities for this to be manifested. I choose this because this is what I want my future wife and family to have. This is what I want all of my tai chi teachers to possess so in return they become the light for others. I attract what I am vibrating.#LOVE

The day before the start of our meditation I was blessed with a beautiful opportunity that would change and transform my view of the next 30 days and for life. I traveled to another city to extend my visa here in Guatemala. It literally took me at least 3 hours of walking to all the wrong places with all the wrong directions when it should have only taken 20 minutes. While most people would get upset and frustrated I knew it was happening for a reason and laughed. At least I was getting cardio. After finishing my meeting and after eating lunch I walked by the market and that is where I saw her. She was a beautiful innocent light, born with no eyes and who also had other medical issues.  She was about 10 years old and drinking from a baby bottle.

Immediately Tricia Hall, a great friend, retired doctor and also a concentration camp survivor came into my mind because her daughter is blind and she still takes care of her at the age of 94. Tricia is one of the most powerful and loving souls I ever had the blessing to meet and love. I told her I would do good deeds for the blind in her name on this journey. After seeing the little girl and the situation I thought of getting something soft and as I looked to the right I saw this huge stuffed animal bunny so I bought it. She was with her mother so I introduced myself to her mom first and then said hello to her while I touched her hands. As I told her my name I placed her hands on my face and hair. I spoke softly and asked what her name was and she said “Angelita”. I almost fainted. It was divine timing for that special uplifting and loving energy for all of us. There was not much to say or do after that so I gave them both loving hugs and left. Even though the time was short, this memorable moment of a miracle was going to last for awhile. What an awesome gift for me to have this great heart feeling to enter into meditation. My heart and energy was glowing and the smile on my face was wide and permanent.

Even though I gave her a gift in Tricia’s name, Angelita gave me so many insights and reflections for my  soul. I had some negative thoughts about this silence but now how could I when Angelita was blind for 10 years? How can I focus on anything negative? How could I not be grateful for all my senses? How can I not be in constant gratitude for my life? I would be an asshole if I focused on anything else. My angels gave me this boost of energy with loving vibrations so my heart and senses would open to receive all the gifts that are waiting for me in this silence.

I am going into this silence with no expectations, no plan, no strength and no will against the path before me. Pops and I decided to do 30 days in length. The first 5 days pops and I are allowed to communicate in our room just to check in and make sure he is ok. Doing this at 87 is such an inspiration in itself. After 5 days, no communication at all besides pointing on the menu of what to eat.

On the last 3 days I am going to be in complete darkness at a silent retreat center. Heard and read awesome results with clarity, blessings and huge insights. After all of this, the first time I will speak will be for recording the intro for this documentary. It will be on the top of a mountain for sunrise. I feel this powerful moment and energy already and I write this while being 2 days silent.

I feel my healing will be nothing short of a miracle with a renewal of energy and love. My heart, emotions, body and spirit will be filled with the direct purpose and path to my destiny. I always knew my destiny, I just knew my training had to be at a certain level before given this huge blessing and opportunity.

We will be doing good deeds every day while on this journey so we are constantly being filled with love and light which will only enhance our meditation and insight. Imagine doing a good deed and you can not even explain why you did it. You simply just wave and walk away leaving that person in awe. Good deeds do not need explanations, only the initial action to perform it with no expectations attached to it.

I am grateful my angels gave me the time delay to have the opportunity for Angelita. I am honored they lead me to my path in life to bring me here to this moment with my dad and my destiny of helping others and teaching teachers of tai chi. I am forever grateful for all the miracles and blessings they continue to shower me with. We are only in the 2nd country out of 20 and this journey already transformed my soul for life.