35 years of Blessings and Miracles


First I want to give THANKS to GOD and the Angels for allowing me to reach 35 years in life. So many souls do not make it whether by choice or by events that cause their existence to be cut short. I am very grateful for each breath I take.

Every birthday that comes around I try to feel out what that the events and time are going to be like. I envision my happiness and try to see an order of events that would make my energy happy. I originally had planned to go to key west for the weekend just to relax and be around family and friends. To be around the people I love for my birthday is what makes my soul happy. This and the beach is perfect in my eyes.

After trying to organize a few things, everyone could not be at this place. Instead of getting upset of my own expectations, I choose to take my birthday to where it really matters, my heart. I decided to take the love of my life and spend time with my best friend, his wife and their two awesome children in St Petersburg. My best friend opened his house and energy to us and helped make my birthday such a memorable experience for my soul.

Heading over to St. Petersburg we had plans to go on a sunset cruise, the famous beaches, fishing, Dali museum, dinners, parks, bbq and everything in between. This was also the first time my soulmate was meeting my best friend and his family. I knew everything would work out with their energies getting along but did not expect all the miracles that would follow. I was truly blown away from the love that was felt and shared over the weekend!

Once we arrived we never left. The woman went on the balcony and shared their energy while my best friend and I caught up. We watched two women who never met come together at first for their men but then connected in such a soulful way like they have known each other for years. We sat back and enjoyed a glass of wine while looking at our beautiful woman while the sun was setting. We had the kids playing along the side of us and we both counted our blessings of how truly lucky our souls were to be in that moment of time.

The entire weekend was such a blessing. We had such a great soulful time that we never left the house. Our energies together whether we talked, played games, prayed, ate, hugged the kids, hugged each other, everything felt as perfect as it sounds. We did not need to go anywhere to give us the joyous feelings. We did not need anything to make us see how blessed we were. Every meal we all held hands in a circle and prayed to GOD. We THANKED him and all the angels around us for allowing us to come together and experience the love that we were all feeling. You can not find this love at the museum or a park but within your soul.

The children calling us Uncle Fam and Auntie Iris touched our hearts. Our best friends telling us how much they love and appreciate us touched our souls. These are the bonds that are never forgotten. This weekend was also the first time my soulmate and I first told each other that we loved each other. We were both waiting for the right moment to say it even though we have felt it since the beginning. That moment came to us and that moment will never be forgotten.

As we said our goodbyes, Madison, the baby girl who is such a bright light started crying. After her daddy confirmed that we were not saying goodbye, that we were saying see you soon, made the sadness turn into happiness. We felt honored to touch a soul with love to cause that bond.

My love and I reflected on the weekend and we had smiles the entire way home. We held hands and our bond grew even more. Our love for each other is so strong even though the “time” is fairly new but the connection has always been there. We had to both go through tough life experiences in order to be ready for each other. We had to learn how to appreciate each other before we finally met so we both can have that best friend soulful love connection that could be cherished and maintained throughout our life together. I am confident because I know who she is to me. I have been telling her since the beginning and every moment we are together reaffirms my words. I am truly blessed and honored to have this beautiful soul in my life!! WOW…. all this and my birthday is not even here yet. My birthday is the following day and I already felt the best gifts that I ever could have imagined.

June 10th is here and my love had a whole day planned for me that I never imagined. After an awesome breakfast with my father and my love, she took me to a famous winery for a wine tasting. We talked with ease like we have been married for 20 years. To have peace and comfortableness in a bond is a gift and blessing. Amongst all the other gifts she still had one more. My baby took me on a romantic airplane ride along the east coast to West Palm Beach. We held hands and flew through the air like we were angels gliding over the ocean. We prayed and gave THANKS for the moment and all the moments leading up to us being together. A small part of me wanted to keep flying because it was such a perfect moment but the bigger angelic part said then you will be missing out on all the bigger blessings in life. Enjoy, keep the memory in your heart and look forward to all the other blessings that are already laid out for you both.

We ended the night with some champagne, reflection and huge signs from our angels which was the spiritual birthday gift given to both of us on a silver platter.

The vibrations that my soul and energy has felt over the last 4 days have been nothing short of divinely angelic love. My soul is in heaven as my body feels the connection here. The best part is that I know this is just the beginning of my life but as much as I look forward to it, I am here now. I appreciate each breath and moment right now. I hug, I kiss, I say I LOVE YOU, I share, I create. I am me and in me is the love and light that we all share. I am in tune with this light and love and it gets stronger daily.

We all have to go through life training. We will always learn through our experiences and life events. It is up to you whether you look at life as poor me or as the stronger soul who learned what to do and what not to do. It is up to you whether you hate from your experiences or love and appreciate your todays. My birthday cake says Happy Birthday Everyone. Today is everyones day not just mine. Today is the day I celebrate everyone in my life. THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU ANGELS, THANK YOU to all the beautiful souls that surround my existence. Namaste.

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