Insights to Injuries

images I love to exercise. Let me rephrase, I love the feeling after I exercise. Do I like lifting weights, standing in a hard yoga pose or running a few miles? NO, but I know I will experience the great feeling of well-being afterwards. This is why I do it, along with knowing this is what I have to do in order to live a healthy life. Some people say we all have a destined time and GOD will take them at any particular time. (They use this as an excuse for negative traits ) I agree with them but state that I would rather be happy and healthy until my time is up. But everyone in their life will experience some type of injury due to exercising. This is where we must step outside of ourself and look at our routine and overall health and fitness. Injuries to the body can happen for any number of reasons. Whether it be over exercising, not enough rest, an accident or any other reason, we have to step back and look at our entire situation of fitness. I sprained my ankle last year after creating a beach workout. The workout consisted of jogging 2-3 miles while wearing 5 pound weights on each wrist and carrying an 8 pound ball. I would do numerous exercises with my arms as I was jogging the beach. The workout would last about an hour. I felt great afterwards but that changed one day. There was a storm and it made the beach have a severe angle by the water. As I jogged, one leg was getting more pressure and shock. Coming back, the other leg would take it. My ankles felt sore but not painful. Then all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my left ankle. I didn’t twist it or step on anything, just simply that angle for that time and pressure caused that reaction. I had to walk very slowly almost a mile back home so I had a lot of time to think and meditate on this. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reasons, however our free will changes that. If a drunk driver kills someone, that was not meant to be. That means that person CHOSE to do that. Was my injury meant to be? No, but I still found the learning lesson. This carries over to all aspects in our life as well. When things happen, due to no fault of your own or by your choices, see the learning lesson and insight. I would rather learn my lesson the first time then repeat the mistake. My answer came rather quickly since I had to walk in the soft part of the sand and not by the water on the angle. I did not give up the workout but made it more beneficial. Now I was doing this exercise in the soft sand. With the soft sand it took more strength to jog while being on a level surface. So an injury made me stronger because I wanted to improve myself and not conquer my ego and pride. I could have healed and repeated the same mistake hoping that it would not happen again or thought of a different way to achieve the same goal. In life, in every life, we will all make mistakes. How many times will you repeat the same injury until you learn the insight and lesson? Some people will have to repeat several times and even then will still not learn. Not that they do not want to but because they can not step outside the ego and look into their life as a netural observer. Learn to step outside and look in. So what if you made a mistake, it is how you learn for the next time that matters.

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