Never blame GOD


People of sorts have blamed GOD for everything since the beginning of time. Whether they were an awesome soul or troubled one, so many have sent negative thoughts and energy towards the one source that has always loved them. Like a parent who sometimes hears the child’s words of disgust, GOD also feels the pain when you take away your love from him.

I myself do not judge others for anything and I believe GOD will not judge you either for feeling your pain. I think he would try to have your team of angels continuously give you signs and messages showing you the truth. The truth is that GOD will always love you even if you are the worst soul that has ever lived and that he is always trying to guide you to your destiny.

People who have experienced unimaginable loses and events in their life sometimes blame GOD for not saving or stopping an event. If this is you, please listen with an open soul. That pain is from holding onto the love you have for that person and think that love is gone with the person. The attachment to the soul and energy binds our emotions. When something leaves us on this plane and realm, we feel it. We feel the emptiness. We feel alone. All we want is that energy to be in our lives again. But it never left our energy. Just like we can connect with GOD, we can always connect with loved ones who are in Heaven.

Love does not end. If someone you loved travel around the world to another country, would they stop feeling your love? If someone who goes to Heaven, they are actually closer to your soul. They may even be in your team of guardian angels and are now apart of your soul.

Some events that occur like loosing a job or watching a great soul get the worst luck sometimes gives GOD the blame. But what if that person lost the job so they can be in another place to receive a better opportunity? What if that great soul with the worst luck needed to push and push for their dreams to finally achieve it. Now they can help motivate others.

We come into this world with out any knowledge. We learn everything we know but their is not one person who knows every truth. All we have is opinions, experiences and perspectives to give us our views on life, and GOD. There are recipes of life. Each ingredient changes the outcome of life. A vegetable can be boiled, fried, breaded, juiced, so many different ways. Each way causes a certain flavor and outcome. It is the same with us and our choices. Every choice we make it changes the recipe of our lives and others. We have the choice of it being positive or negative.

Truth, perspectives, religious views, environment, so many things determine each of our thoughts and perspectives. I don’t think their are two souls who ever lived that have the same tastes, views, outlook, perspective and energy. Each soul is designed to reach their destined path in life. It is our choices and view that determines if we ever reach the goal and if we have our eyes open during the way to see the signs and messages that are guiding us. GOD and the angels do not make decisions for us. They can not prevent the will of man.

If I decided to take drugs and hurt someone, that is not GOD’s fault. That is my energy and karma. If we did not have free will and choice, we would all be robots. Many stories of fallen angels and they knew GOD existed. They were in his light. Imagine some souls who never realized GOD. People make bad choices and decisions all the time even knowing GOD exists.

If a guy decides to make more money instead of doing the right thing and exposes chemicals to a river causing cancer, that is free will. He will have to pay for what he did some how some way. That is not GOD’s fault. That river may effect an unborn child who never saw this earth yet. As unfair as it may seem, it was that guy who decided profit over ethics. But there is always positive from negative. Maybe that unborn child grows up to develop a special filter to trap those chemicals? So many possibilities but one should never be to blame GOD.

I pray for GOD every night! I pray that more people find him. I pray that more people love him and are able to see his beauty and artistic artwork in every flower and animal. I pray that more people love GOD and no one blames him.

So how can you tell what is meant to be or the will of man?

Do everything soulfully right in life.How does this action feel? Follow your soul and never hurt anyone. Let the natural love shine from your heart and look to help others in whatever way you can from holding a door to donating time. When you are in that direction, you will be on your destined path of life. Your destiny will come to you and you will have the best timing that can only be described as Divine timing. In that energy, what ever “goes bad” is all meant to be for a reason.

We never know the reasons for GOD’s plan until we get to Heaven. May points in my life came chapters of darkness that I did not deserve. They all turned out to be blessings in disguise and much more positive insight came from the darkest hour. But in each hour, my faith in GOD NEVER was turned away or made into something negative. I never thought why me.

Follow your heart, love and forgive everyone with no judgments, do good deeds and most important, tell GOD that you love him everyday. Twice a day. Three times a day. Tell him as much as you would want to hear it from GOD.

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