Attachment- I have only one, to GOD


Attachments can ruin lives or that energy can be directed to GOD in order to preserve the souls connection. Especially in our lives today, so many people have attachments to material things, including myself. I first learned about attachments and that type of dependent energy during yoga teacher training but I still didn’t fully grasp the lesson. Concept yes, but applying an action behind an intention is much harder then just thinking you can. To really release things of importance including people can not only be a huge overwhelming release but an insight that gives you freedom. No longer can anything have a grasp on your soul and energy. No longer can something direct and change your energy to fit that attachment. The only attachment you should have is to GOD. This direction of energy is only to evolve your soul and to make sure you fulfill your destined path.

During my first lesson of attachment, I became to realize that things do not own me that I own me. Yes, having a car is crucial to my life but I am not dependent on it. I can take a bus, ride a bike or change things around so I do not have to drive. By releasing that attachment of need and dependency, now I appreciate my car so much more every time I drive especially with the heated seats for my back 😉

I have had an attachment to my investment I made years ago. Over $50k, saving for years, trying everything to make it work and so much sweat and tears into this, was very hard to release the attachment. I thought this was apart of my destined path and it was but not what I thought. I realized the importance of having the right energy behind something. If the investment was made with bad energy, it will never take off because that energy is in the foundation of that product. That was not my energy. So I learned to let go. I can always make more. I can always shift to another avenue, whatever it is, there is no more attachment. I didn’t give up the fight, I just realized I shouldn’t be fighting in that direction. All the time invested into fighting for it, I could have been helping someone. I had to divert my passion into something that fits me. It may take many more attempts but as long as I can release and move on, then that is the true lesson. During this fight, I stopped fighting. This is when I used my time to make 5 documentaries on health and tai chi, helping people before they went to Heaven. I volunteered my time and energy to this because this is what I knew needed it, not my investment, not my ego.

Attachments to people is sometimes worse then material things. We all have had relationships that we just do not want to let go. I have had girlfriends in the past that I did not want to let go even though I knew it was not the best decision. What happened? Drama as in any relationship, these are the signs to end it.

One of my biggest attachments was to a former teacher of mine. Looking up to someone and receiving insight especially while you are soul searching, breeds such a connection and bond. But what happens when it is time to separate? People come into your life for seasons, reasons and lifetime. When the message is delivered, the connection will end. We do not have a say of how that connections ends at times. Sometimes there could be so many miracles in the relationship but the negativity energy over shadows all the gifts. You have to recognize the signs and message to be in the right place at the right time, even if it means ending a connection with another soul. I also had to separate the person from the gifts and miracles I received. The person was there to give me the gifts but could never take them back because they were gifts of insight from GOD.

Separating from my personal attachment was one of the hardest things to do but I was forced into it. If I kept it, it would have been sheer torture of my energy to the point of not being able to function with a clear head. When I chose to separate, I felt empty. I felt like my life was over, literally. I was all alone. Not only did I separate from such a strong connection with one soul, but many. I was in essence  starting over but I always had one powerful energy that could defeat anything. One energy that could fill my heart and soul so much that I wouldn’t feel anything missing because I was always complete. An energy that would give me unconditional love and show me the miracles of life. GOD kept me strong, fulfilled and showed me how to live my life. Not just to wake up and do good deeds, but to wake up loving myself. To wake up not “needing” anyone but being so happy and positive that I needed to share that energy. To wake up full of love and just wanting to appreciate the miracles throughout the day and help in whatever way I can.

I released both of my attachments a few years ago. Since then it has been the happiest time of my life to date. Anyone who knows me, knows the love that I project to everyone around me on a constant vibration. GOD was always here, is here now and will always be. There is comfort into your higher power. With that comfort, your energy eases into your heart which makes your soul shine just by being who you naturally are.

Peace, Love and Blessings to all. Love GOD, Love yourself and never “need” anyone or anything to make you happy. Namaste.