Jackie Robinson #42


I just saw the movie “42” about Jackie Robinson and how he was the first afro-american to join major league baseball as we know it today. The story was filled with many emotions. Watching a dedicated soul overcome all the challenges he faced stirred some frustrating emotions. I could feel the prejudice and hatred at that time. I guess we can time travel. But I traveled to an outside place looking in. To see an energy of one soul lash out and attack just because of skin color is watching negativity work its magic.

Growing up in the projects of Philadelphia, it was hard for me to be prejudice. The majority of my friends were afro-american. How could I dislike someone strictly for the color of the skin? I related with racism at an early age. Coming from the projects, there are many stereotypes but I always chose not to have any negativity towards a race or culture. This movie made me feel the true evil within racism. To feel this emotion made me feel angry and frustrated but that is where it comes from so I had to recognize that. You can not fall in the same trap that feeds negativity. If you allow it to effect you emotionally then you are allowing it to win.

I can never feel what it is like to be afro-american especially in those days. I can only see the negativity and focus my energy to work in the opposite direction. I can only shift my love to places where education and truth will always win over hatred. There will always be prejudice and racism in this world. But look how far we have become as a nation and a world. It was not that long ago since slavery and less then 50 years that afro-americans had to use seperate bathrooms and water fountains amongst many other rules that were supported by the government.

Segregation is only for people who truly do not know GOD. They only know their negative experiences. The way they chose to believe has now warped there loving and logical thought process. If we were all blind how could we have hatred for a skin color. We would be forced then to judge by actions. Having hatred on something you can not see or know represents that negative space within their soul. It is easy to fill your heart and soul with stereo types and negativity. It takes courage, love and GOD to know and follow the truth. When you truly know your GOD, no matter what name you call him, you will see the universal energy we all share, love.

Everyone is an individual. Only GOD judges. The true work of GOD is to love everyone regardless of color, faith and action. To see the light of GOD in every soul is acting in GOD’s love. If you had children, you would not want them to hate each other but only to love and help one another. That is GOD’s message also. The true foundation of any religion is love because GOD is LOVE.

We have come a long way in racism. In the 1940’s, no one would ever believe there would be an afro-american president today. Society is changing because the era is changing. All the people living today that are older then 55 have experienced some type prejudice on a larger scale. Some of this population have the core foundation of hatred that they experienced. Some of these souls are in government and elevated positions. As time goes on, these souls will leave and new souls will evolve to these positions constantly changing our world for the better with more love and acceptance.

Today we see gay marriage and more interracial children. Love is being accepted on a wider scale and in that love comes change. We can all help the change by raising our children with the love value and not the hatred. We can help change to speak up when someone says something racial. Have courage for GOD’s children. GOD sent the angels here to help us to our destined paths in life. We can help that process by sharing and caring unconditionally.

I love all faiths, cultures, races and life itself. Speak love with every word. Look at every soul and not their shell. Love the energy of another regardless of their deeds. The easiest way to get to this wonderful place is to love yourself and GOD. The more you love the more you will see. The more you will feel whats right in your heart.