The Oxford English Dictionary defines forgiveness as ‘to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offence or debt’. In most contexts, forgiveness is granted without any expectation of restorative justice, and without any response on the part of the offender.

No one on earth has ever had a perfect life. Everyone has made mistakes on all levels, sometimes causing pain to others. Whether the act was intentional or just by careless thinking, those actions caused a negative feeling and event. The recipe for that action from all the choices and decisions made was basically not in the best soulful direction.

Now that event caused you pain, you are reminded of the hurt because you are allowing it to stay. The pain comes when the wound is fresh, but you can loose a limp if you let it develop into an infection. Yes there are countless recipes and severities to this perspective but it all comes down to how strong is your soul to allow only love inside your energy. How much desire do you have to really want a peaceful and happy life. What you choose to allow inside your heart becomes who you are. If you keep every bitter moment of a relationship in your heart, you will in return be bitter. You will have such a huge wall for future relationships to climb that you will never be happy and always be insecure that someone is going to hurt you again. This is all from forgiveness. Forgiveness of others and yourself.

Every relationship teaches us a insight for our soul. Relationships with family, friends, life partners or just a stranger in the street, teaches us where what lessons need to be in our lives at that moment. Everyone is your lesson. Forgiveness for these lessons are crucial otherwise you will never receive the insight You can have an awesome marriage and relationship for it to end bitterly. Instead of both souls focusing on the happy miracles they shared together, it focuses on the pain, the negative and it is only to give back the same pain inflicted. This cycle could continue indefinitely or until one gives up. But why? Why allow negative events to consume your thoughts, energy, actions and soul. In this bitter divorce case, the children are being effected, spending countless hours talking and feeling the negative events of the marriage, majority of thoughts and words are about this subject and you are living in a negative energy. But you are allowing it to effect you.

You do not have to fight. You do not have to inflict revenge. You do not have to allow this negative energy to consume your soul. How can your soul achieve its destined path when you are stopping it. How can it shine with love and light when you cover it with a blanket of ill will.

Negativity causes good feelings of a rush but only last a short while. This is because when you do something negative to another, you take a piece of that persons energy. Think of two kids and one made fun of the other and the whole class laughed. The jokester took a piece of the other kids energy. That moment made him feel tall and especially when the class laughed. The other kid felt a piece taken away from him. He felt the negative emotion of embarrassment. Felt that alone feeling. Eventually the jokester moves on cause he can not hold onto that split second moment of the energy taking. The other kid eventually regains his strength and composer then moves on.

Forgiveness stops this negative cycle from continuing. No matter what it is, even if someone murdered your love one, you have to let it go. Forgiveness begins with not holding judgment. We are not GOD, only GOD judges. Everyone faces their own energy and actions whether here or or after here. See the person and the action. Forgive that person for causing you that pain. Forgive them for taking your energy in a negative way. Forgive them for not being the love that they were made with. Most importantly, forgive them because you only fill your heart with happy positive loving energy. Light is always brighter then darkness. Shine!

When you forgive from the heart, you allow more of an opening to receive positive energy. Law of attraction is the energy you have and surround yourself with. If your living a negative life, more negative energy and events are surrounding you. If your living a happy positive life, you will be surrounded by a loving carefree life filled with miracles and divine guidance.

When you forgive others in your heart, you will forgive yourself for all your mistakes. If you feel really bad about something you did, then go create some beautiful happy moments to make up for it. Do as many good deeds as it takes until your guilt is released. Keep your heart pure with positive energy and forgive anyone who has hurt your soul. Pain is not in forgiving but in holding onto the event.

I send out my prayer of intention for any soul to forgive me if I have wronged or hurt them in any way, from the past, currently or in the future. I forgive anyone who has hurt me in my life. The more love and light we fill ourselves up with, the more love and miracles we will share with each other. This is one way we change the world.



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