Angels & addicts ÷ your soul


To fully grasp the perspective of this particular blog, please read “guardian angels”.

Addiction in a logical sense is a mental or physical dependency upon a substance, act, feeling and even a person. It could be just about anything. It is the lack of will and strength to fight the battle to the end and not to look back. Many addicts try numerous times and give up only to suppress the cycle even deeper. The longer you stay in the “addiction”, the stronger it gets. This view, while correct, puts you against you. You are trying to conquer yourself. Then when you fail to beat yourself, you only get weaker and give up even further.  You are literally beating yourself up. Imagine constantly punching yourself, there is no winner unless you stop. But the whole time you had the choice to stop but something is making you hit yourself. What is that “something” ?

Spiritually it represents something most people will never think of. From this one simple perspective, whether true or not, will definitely help someone take the battle till the end and win. There is not just one view on GOD, there are many ways to believe and think. The more we know and explore, the better choices we can make for ourselves. The choice and belief that suits our soul the best is the winner. In all perspectives of GOD, there is no loser.

First lets look how an addiction could start. You have your team of angels guiding you from birth. Their goal is for you to achieve your destined path in life and protect you. There are different angels and different strengths of angels. Some angels can not defeat “negative” things per se, they may need help. This also represents your will power, drive and strength of your determination and fight as a person. Some people are naturally stronger then others. This strength is the key factor.

Someone depressed, angry at life, just had a terrible loss, etc., these things weaken your energy and your protection from your angels. You are in essence opening yourself up along with your energy to a path of the negative. All of these feelings are negative so you are going to attract that type of energy around you. Like a wounded fish around sharks. After a negative experience, that soul wants to forget and escape their reality. They are trying to be in another place and realm to escape life because they feel anything is better then where they are at the moment. They may take a drink, use drugs, gamble, self mutilate, anything to escape this reality and view of life. But this is only a perspective they take on. They take on a view in a negative direction.

At this point the pattern will continue because something happens to keep it going. Imagine a negative “angel”, bad spirit, just a bad energy (perspective) that comes into your team of angels. This energy is now sharing space with your guardian angels. It is there because you invited it in by the addiction. You are your angels and now this negative energy also. This energy is your escape from reality. But remember, it was “invited” in and will stay with you as long as you let it. It is a house guest that never leaves.

This energy could be more then one but either way it is something negative within you. You always hear people say this about addicts “Who are you? You are not the same person!!”. This is because you are now apart of this negative energy, and who likes negative energy? This energy needs to feed and like a dog it will eat until it can not eat any more and then it will eat agin. Food does not feed the negative but energy does. It is a soul sucker and leacher. It lashes on and no one can help you but YOU. You could go to the top rehab places in the world and have the best doctors and medicine known to humanity but that can not stop your will and desire to feed the negative energy of an addict.

Lets take drugs for example, but hardcore drugs like crack and heroin. Every time you use you are feeding that energy. Every time you steal, lie and manipulate for your drug, you feed the energy. Every negative act feeds this void and it only grows with you. The more your an addict (by choices and uses), the stronger it gets. Jail does not stop an addict nor does living in the middle of no where. Only you stop yourself but how?

On the logical side of things, you are fighting yourself and your body’s dependency. On the spiritual side, you are fighting a negative energy with the help of your angels. They will not help you unless you ask them to. If you were over a friends house and they had a bad house guest, you could not ask them to leave and even if you did, the owner of the house has the right to let them stay. We are in control of our own house and soul. Until the owner asks the negative energy to leave, your team of angels can only sit and watch. They will still try to help you see the bad choices you are making. They will still try to save you from the dangers of getting your fixes. They will always help YOU, but in the end you have to decide who resides in your soul. But you will always have signs and messages around you constantly guiding you to the right path. An addict ignores these signs.

If you are a person of faith, GREAT, you are one step closer to the right path. If not a believer, find it. Find GOD, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, whoever, but find that source and you will find your true self. All of these faiths believe in angels. Ask your angels for help. Ask them to give you all the strength to overcome this bad energy and to have enough will power to make it leave your team of angels. Tell this negative energy that you no longer wish to be an addict and that they have to leave. That GOD is the true source of life and that you want to live in peace and happiness.

Now comes an act, a physical act to seal your intention and will. The bible used sacrifices and animals but I love all life even the red ants who bite me at the beach every Saturday. Decide on an act, whether it is throwing sand in the air. Maybe digging a hole and throwing your addiction in and burying that energy? Maybe write it on a piece of paper and then ripping it up or burning it. Something to signify your intention and desire to beat this energy. Voodoo uses this same approach but usually for negative energy. We use it for the good, positive, loving energy we are creating.

Both of these perspectives gives a different fight and battle. One battle is you fighting you. The other battle is you and your angels fighting to kick a negative energy out of your soul and space. In either battle or perspective, I hope and pray that you will never have to face that type of energy and if you do, know that your strength and love from GOD can easily kick out ANYTHING negativity. Have faith, LOVE yourself and know that no battle in life leaves you empty handed. Each battle brings lessons of insight. This is the insight we are meant to share with others. If we all share our soul, there will always be more love and light then negative energies. GOD Bless every soul 😉




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