My patience lesson caught on camera

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Recipe of Prayer


When I first realized the existence of GOD, it totally changed my life, my thinking, my destiny. Once I found that connection, it just grew and grew blossoming out from my heart. With all this love, I wanted to communicate with GOD in the best way that I could. I wanted to be the perfect child trying to come up with the perfect prayer that represented my love, intentions and energy. I was raised Catholic and found my Jewish roots later so I had both of these backgrounds to choose the right prayers. Each prayer represents a different intention or appreciation. In my first days of actual heart felt prayer, I was saying so many prayers. I started to loose focus because I wanted to say and express so many things. I wanted to pray for so many people. I wanted to help and spread love as much as possible.

I changed it up a little and started to pray and talk. Half and half. My communication was words from my heart expressing gratitude for the life I have and for all the miracles I see that are shaping my destined path in life.

Then my thoughts started to get to me. As I prayed for this person and that person and the people who are already in heaven, I was taking a lot of time praying. I had to figure out a way to express my energy in a loving patient complete way.

Prayer is a conversation. It is not just a motion and remembering words to say but a connection of love to our highest power, no matter the name we use. We are talking to GOD. We can talk in so many ways from thoughts, words and the best way, action. The best prayer is not when you ask for something from GOD, the best prayer is when you do a good deed just for GOD. Showing GOD how much you love him is the best prayer possible.

Imagine you have a child. Would you want them to always thank you for everything but never help anyone? Or would you rather see them use their heart and all the life lessons you shared to help as many people as possible. Prayer is awesome. Communication is key. Connection is beautiful. Good deeds are evolution of the soul. Why not do all of them everyday?

So I am doing them but I am still having some trouble with my prayer. I figured out all these other things to do but yet I am missing a piece. If I am praying for every soul on earth, what about all the other souls from the past. What about all the holy angels? What about my future generations? What about all the souls who are not born yet? What about animals and all life forms. WOW….lol….I had to really focus on this. How do I create such a prayer? Moreover, a life of action through prayer and connection. To be strong and show how much I LOVE GOD. I found the prayer below and through that found all my paths to date by helping others.

“My dear loving GOD, THANK YOU so much for everything!! Thank you for everything that you have ever done for me, everything that you are doing for me now including all my family & friends, my gifts and abilities, all the people I am helping and my path of life. Thank you for everything you are going to do for me in the future like my wife, my kids, my health, abilities, all the people I will help save and all the smiles I will bring.

I want to pray for everyone I know and do not know. I want to pray and give warm healing energy to all my family and friends especially my dads health, moms health and all my brothers.

I want to pray for you GOD. I pray that more people find you. That more want to hug and connect with you. That more see your beauty in everything that is here. I pray for everything you have ever created, everything you are creating now and everything you will create in the future, I wish them all wealth, health, happiness, joy, peace, harmony and longevity.

I pray for all the righteous Angels and everything holy, that they keep helping humanity achieve its destiny. That they are patient with us and keep giving us the signs and messages we need to fulfill our destined paths.

I pray for myself. That my health and abilities increase. That my tai chi moves increase. That I learn to think before I act and speak. That I always do the right things, have a good heart and get in touch with my gifts and abilities and learn how to use them.

Thank you so much GOD!! I try to walk in your light with every footstep. Thank you for the opportunity.

Any conversation with GOD is the best especially when it comes from the heart. Link your good deeds and prayers together. Before your next good deed, say quietly, GOD, this is for you.



How I found GOD and my first miracle

How I found GOD and my first miracle

I first really found GOD as a late teenager, 19 to be exact. I was raised Catholic. I went to church by demand every Sunday. I found a sense of peace when I left and always noticed a difference in my feeling but never had a connection or was just young and unaware. There was no heart in it, I went for the motions. Later on I found my Jewish roots and explored. Both lead me to my  first big miracle that opened my eyes was a beautiful gift given to my soul.

My dad’s only sister is named Aunt Honey. Her name was Josephine but she owned a candy store and was such a sweet soul that she was given the name Honey. Aunt Honey was the most joyous loving soul who was always looking to help someone. Someone you were proud to say you were related to.

Aunt Honey had terminal ovarian cancer and was in the last stage. She was home for the transition to Heaven. My dad and I would take turns with her best friend because she had to have constant care. The morning we were suppose to go, my dad had other obligations come up and I told him we had to go see Aunt Honey. When we arrived, my dad took the mail and sat in the kitchen. I went over to Aunt Honey as she laid in a hospital bed in the center of the living room. Aunt Honey could not talk and could barely keep her eyes open but she was still “here”. She could hear you but on so much pain medicine that she could not speak, communicate or move.

I was definitely not the same person I was as a teenager or early 20’s. I made several mistakes and several huge mistakes. Some of them concerned my aunt. I held my aunt’s hand and I apologized to her. I apologized for all the bad things I did and not being the person I should have been, and  for not making the right choices and decisions. I told her how much I loved her, how she was such an amazing woman and how I learned so much from her soul. Just as I finished I heard what sounded like a slight whisper and I felt this wave of energy. It was like a heat flash but without me getting hot. Aunt Honey transitioned to Heaven.

So many different thoughts and visions come to mind of how it happen. Did a light appear from above and the soul floated up? Did she get up like a human soul and walk out the front door into Heaven? Was she now out of her body and just walking around hanging out? Either way, for the next two weeks, I FELT her energy every time I walked in the house. I felt this wave of energy multiple times each and every time I was there. Then one day it was not there. The house felt cold. She had moved on. She went to Heaven 😉

Whether I am right in my thoughts or totally backwards, it was still the first miracle I recognized. I was there for the opening to Heaven. I was right next to the spiritual process of a transition and however that works. That is such a huge blessing just as it is to be apart of a birth. They are both blessing and gifts. I realized how it was a gift then and immediately basked in gratitude for the blessing and for the first time, prayed with heart!

Two weeks later, by Divine timing, I was introduced to my first tai chi class. I was on a waiting list for over 2 months. I believe my Aunt pulled some angelic strings somewhere and had the right timing happen for me. That one instance where a friend had mistakenly taken my keys lead me to my destined path in life of becoming a tai chi teacher. But a loving tai chi teacher who is focused on the handicap and disabilities.

I had an opportunity to say sorry to my aunt but I didn’t have to. We all have free will and choice. But since I CHOSE to do the right thing, events followed to lead me to my destiny. Follow your heart and your destiny will appear.

When a soul is born into this world, it is a gift. When the soul leaves, we give thanks for the gift. We get to love and touch all these gifts everyday while they are here. No matter when these gifts leave, remember they were a gift. They were not yours to begin with. As hard as it may be, just focus on the time you had the gift and know that the love from the gift will always be there and could never leave. If someone you love travels across the world, will your love stop? When someone goes to Heaven the love does not stop. In fact it could only get stronger since it is surrounded by everything positive and holy.

Keep your eyes open and follow all opportunities. The miracles will flood in. You better get a life jacket.


Patience- lesson RElearned

Patience- lesson always relearned

Patience- the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.

Teaching tai chi for nearly 15 years, I thought I pretty much perfected this virtue. Just for having that thought, I was given a lesson, but a lesson that I welcome with open arms. I don’t fight life lessons. Whatever lesson(s) I need to learn through my experience or situation, then that is the knowledge I want as a loving soul to move forward.

Whoever takes a class with me will always get a free practice dvd which has 2 tai chi systems and a full vinyasa/ashtanga yoga class. I give these for free because then all the responsibility for you to practice is on you. I share the tools I know, you put the time and energy into practicing. We both get good energy from it.

The last practice dvd I made, I used a camera that did not have the best quality, so I wanted to make a newer version. I think about the experience of watching the dvd. I have to create and set up a space that someone will be using and seeing everyday. I try to make it as perfect and peaceful as possible since that is the energy I am trying to share. Sunrise is an awesome time to film. The sun coming up, the ocean in the background, already we feel a sense of comfort and relaxation. Imagine doing a meditation in motion to that everyday. So I set an intention to film all week at sunrise and pick the best shots for the new dvd.

So my first day, I wake up at 6am get already and head to the boca inlet on the beach. The jetty is about a block long and I went all the way down to the end. I figured I could go at the end and anyone walking by would not get into the shot of me filming. I positioned my chair to face anyone coming up the jetty. My back was to the ocean and the sun would just pop up over my shoulder. There was only about 2-3 feet of rocks behind me and then the ocean.

I am about 12 minutes into the meditation. It is basically tai chi from the chair but with series of moves that I lead you into. I am sitting and my arms are moving. The chair is directly in the middle of the jetty. I see a middle aged guy walking his dog. You can not miss me at this point. I am in the center, looking away from the sunrise, sitting in a chair with a tripod in front of me with a camera on top. I am the only one out there. The guy comes and walks right by my side and past me circling around and then stops and gazes to the ocean. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the evolved version of myself must have went to get coffee because I lost control of my energy. I turned around and started saying to this guy “Really? Really? Really?”. You didn’t see me here with a camera and moving my arms? He said I didn’t know what you were doing, you didn’t have a sign. A sign? Why would I be sitting in a chair in front of a camera for? He just stares out into the water again. Ummmmmm….sir….. I can’t finish until your out of the shot. Even after you know I am filming then you choose to just stand there? He starts to walk away and as he walks by he says “Do I detect a little anger in your voice”? LOL…I wanted to laugh for a second because of the tone he said it but I choose the unevolved version. I said “Damn straight I am frustrated. I was almost finished, I woke up early just for this time and this shot and you just walked by not even asking a question.

Ommmmmmmm…….is the sound to bring you back. So…I started over. Ok, so I didn’t get the sun coming up in the shot but I can still use the early sun plus I have all week to film. I start and am just past the half way point. Lol….here comes another middle aged man with a 12 year old kid and fishing rods. Not even a look in my direction. They both walked right past me, and the kid even went in a complete circle around me looking for fish. I was waiting for him to say na na na na na na na….lol. At this point I looked up, seen a beautiful cloud and said out loud, I get it. I GET IT…lol..I am sorry.

Patience was not the only lesson I learned here. Patience as in film another day yes. Start over many times and keep same positive, happy, loving energy, yes. Another lesson was understanding of the unknown, benefit of the doubt, compassion, you pick. By the first guy and his dog walking by, I don’t know what just happened to him in his life. He is a complete stranger to me. What if he just lost someone of his family? What if he just lost his job? What if he is going through a divorce? His mind and thoughts could be else where. It does not mean he is a bad person. He could have donated millions to charity already, we don’t know and that is the point, we don’t know.

The other guy and his son, what if he was so excited just to be fishing with his son? The lack of awareness can come from anything but does not represent their soul but just clouded thoughts unless of course they do it on purpose just to be negative.

Awareness is something I realized also. Many people in their everyday physical steps are not aware. Not aware of themselves, their breath, their heart beat and their surroundings. How many times have you seen someone taking a picture and someone just walks right in front of the camera? Awareness. For someone to see someone taking a photo and purposely walk anyway. Well, that is someone who is not being the pure light that they were made to be. I think I said that nicely. But if they just didn’t notice then it is lack of awareness. When I walk down the street, I am always looking to help in some way. If someone needs a door held. If someone drops something? Anything. Others walk and think about simply themselves. They are not looking to help, it comes from a selfish type of energy. They won’t be the first ones to help an old lady who fell. They won’t be the first one to pick something up that you dropped. It is ok that they are not aware. But you don’t have to be. Every step be aware to help or simply to be courteous. Let your heart be aware and open to receive the opportunities to help. They are not tests, but opportunities to evolve your soul.

The last lesson was about energy and something I always preach to others. It is always humbling to learn lessons but that is what gives you the insight to pass it on and share. I let a complete stranger affect my energy and chi. I let someone who I have never met to loose control of control. We should never let anyone effect our energy especially strangers. They have no space within your life so why let a negative one in? I should have not said anything and just went somewhere else. This applies to road rage as well. If someone is in hurry, let them go. Someone to close to your bumper, let them pass.

So I decided after the second interruption that I should find another spot. But after having all the insights flash through my mind, I wanted to apologize. I told the guy that I should have never lost control of my emotion and that I was sorry and shook his hand. I wished everyone a beautiful day and pet the dog on the way out.

Everyone makes mistakes and just about everyday we usually do something that we should have done different. The real strength does not come from muscles, but having enough heart to being aware of the mistake and saying sorry. I didn’t have to say sorry, I would never see them again. But I CHOSE to do the right thing because thats what my heart said.

So it seems that a sunrise can teach very valuable insights, you should catch one tomorrow 😉

Follow your Heart, Be Aware, Look to do Good and have faith in GOD and yourself  😉

Deerfield Beach

Racism is not natural

Racism is not natural

I am happy we have a month of black history month so we can remember what hatred and ignorance can do to a country and how it is shaped. In the 1960’s and before, there were separate bathrooms, water foundations and separation in sitting whether on a bus or a restaurant. The biggest was slavery, the ownership of another human being. African Americans were treated not for their good deeds or actions, not for there education, not for their soul but for the color of the skin as well as other minorities. That is it, all for the color of the skin or religious preference. Can we imagine that type of treatment today? I couldn’t imagine going into a place of business and my best friend would have to use a separate bathroom because of his skin color.

Frustration comes from all the people who did not speak or stand up for what is right. The ones who stood by and did nothing. There were many heroes as well who stood for equality and their souls fulfilled the opportunity and were rewarded somehow. The ones who stood by and did nothing because of fear or plain acceptance, shame on your soul. To put another thought out there is that if you are 70 or older, you have most likely seen this type of action. Ask someone older what their experiences were with racism. A righteous soul stands up for what is right in GOD’s eyes. A righteous soul will see a soul as a child of GOD as we all are. We all share blood, we all have souls, we are all related somehow someway.

I stand for equality of all souls regardless of race, faith, gender, creed or preference. Who am I to judge before love. Only GOD can judge, I should only love and help. I also have a dream but it is more like de ja vue. With all my love and control, I will make sure my future generations knows the power of love and rejects of the power of hatred. The more people that take this projection, the more love we will have on earth.

We have come a long way from 60 years ago. There still is severe racism and negative energies will always survive somehow, but we get to choose what surrounds us. Since President Obama took office, there was a huge evolution that took place. Now every child in America can imagine being President of the United States and envision that dreams can come true with hard work and dedication. That realization makes my heart happy. Lets evolve as a family.


Using prayer and meditation for manifestation


Our soul is the same thing as our chi, qi, life force, aura, light, neshama, it all represents the same living energy that we are all made up of. When we take our last breath here, that energy leaves. Depending on our beliefs, that energy leaves the body and travels to another place. When we pray to GOD we are connecting our energy to GOD’s energy more directly. When we are in church, synagogue, temple or any place of worship, there is a collective energy going to GOD, naturally giving us a faith feeling, a feeling or freshness after the service.

Using tai chi, qi gong, yoga or any meditation increases this energy. It is like getting more bars of reception on your cell phone. It makes your prayer stronger in the sense. With that increased energy and the good energy you put out with good deeds, the connection becomes stronger then if you didn’t. Does GOD hear us anyway? Absolutely!! But when you are in service to helping others, combined with exercising your energy, it breeds such a stronger soulful connection. You vibrate with more of the loving frequency that attracts goodness and miracles aka law of attraction.

Here is a very important perspective of prayer. Imagine you have a best friend who you always call on for help. Everyday you call this friend and ask for something and never really say thank you or show your gratitude and everyday this best friend continues to help you. Imagine what that friend must feel like. In a way they must feel kinda used or unappreciated.

Now imagine that same best friend. In this perspective, you call everyday not to ask for anything, but simply to say THANK YOU for being such a great friend. Everyday you just call to say thanks and to show your genuine love for having such a beautiful connection. Now if an emergency came up and you need something, this friend would move mountains to help you. In the other scenario, those mountains may turn into hills because you do not appreciate the mountains.

Now view how you connect to GOD. Are you always asking for something for you? How much of your connection and conversation is simply “Thanks”? How much energy are you putting into gratitude? How are you helping others because of your faith? How are you spreading the love of GOD?

Walk in gratitude everyday. Even if things are taken out of your life, be thankful for the time you were apart of them. Love every day. Love your GOD. Love your faith but most importantly, act from it and love you.

When you pray, pray for everyone, both in the past, present and future. When you ask, ask for qualities to help evolve your soul into the best human being you can be. I always ask to think before I act and speak. This part is obviously from personal experience. Pray for GOD. Pray that more people find his love and connection. Pray that more people act from the heart in GOD’s name. Pray for your future generations that they walk in light, speak with love and act with goodness. Just talking to GOD is a prayer, so start with Thank you.

GOD is sometimes spelled G-D. This is an ancient Hebrew tradition during the biblical days. GOD was only suppose to be spelled this way when it is written in a bible. Bibles are preserved and kept no matter the age, Spelling G-D this way is for all other usages because eventually that paper or email will be trashed one day and GOD should never be in that situation, which is respectful and proper. I have recently changed the way I spell GOD. I choose the full name because all my writings will never be trashed. I will make sure all my pages and documents will be preserved. Emails I write G-D, inspirational posts for the world, I write GOD. Find yourself and you will find your belief.


3 suggestions for true happiness

3 suggestions for true happiness

There are 3 goals that you should achieve at lease once in your lifetime.

1-Faith. Whatever you choose to believe in, make that connection strong and let that light drive your every thought, action and feeling as long as it is for the positive. Act from a position of the light. Ask your self in every action and thought if it will benefit someone in a positive way, if not, shuffle until you do. The more we CREATE positive moments, the more you fill your self with the light from your faith. The stronger your prayers become and in return the more you can do for others. We are here to help in so many ways. Find your faith, find your purpose and destiny. It comes that easy.

2-Love. Find love with a partner and experience that wonderful feeling of bliss. Let the fulfilling emotions ride high and appreciate every moment. Some people never find love while others are blessed with it from birth. The most important part is if you truly feel genuine love in your heart, then that is what you will constantly be surround by. First step is loving yourself. Do at least 7 things a day that makes you happy. The more you fill your energy with happy times, the less room for the negative ones.

3-Yourself. Become aware of you. Feel your energy, your soul, your chi and your heart, it is all the same. Practice any meditation whether it is tai chi, qi gong, yoga, sitting ommmmmm, exercise, walking, etc. Choose something that you like, we all have different tastes. By practicing a meditation, you exercise and cleanse your energy. You release everything that does not serve your best interest. Now you are at your natural state, not a state effected by someone else or even your own emotions. At this state you get to experience you. Experience the gift of time dedicated strictly for your soul. To say THANK YOU to yourself and to feel the self love.

Imagine having all 3 together at the same place and time in your life right now. Imagine the high of the emotions that could carry you anywhere in life. Imagine the fearless possibilities that you could achieve acting all from the heart and soul, which is natural to us all.

You can connect to your faith right now and have that light within you. You can meditate right now and help keep the connection strong and pure. You can get in touch with yourself and start doing things for you. You can start loving you right now. With all that combined, your guaranteed to have love just fall into your lap. To be in this moment is to have Divine Timing, being in the right place at the right time with the right energy, because we are doing everything right in our life. I walk in the light and get tan from the miracles.

These 3 things are my slogan

Miracle Movements Foundation

Breathe. Believe. Achieve.™

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