What’s up Fam?


Some people may have heard others saying the word “fam”. The word did not originate with me but when it first came out in street language, I was the first to scoop it up as a nick name. I grew up in the projects of Philadelphia. In this environment, you become street smart and a survivor, you have no other choice. Since you are a product of your environment, you have to adapt to everything around you and become one with it in order to get ahead. I was not like a “Malibu’s most wanted” type of white guy, but more of a street smart, quick thinking type of survivor with style. The first time I heard the word fam was in a Method Man song. The phrase just caught on around the neighborhood and it was fitting for me.

Fam in short means family. So if you are walking by a stranger, another way to say hi is “what’s up fam”. I always had a good heart and this is something I am intune with and proud of. I have always been a giver even in the project days when I had little to nothing in my pocket. Buying someone a $10 hug (sugar water) meant you were a big spender. I always had change somehow to buy everyone who I was with a hug. Fam can also be a universal name. If you want to call your friend and get their attention, you can say “hey fam”. Fam is a term of a loving friend, someone who is like family.

My closet friends call me fam and have been since I was a younger. I think the name is perfect for my energy and my purpose. Going from the projects in Philadelphia to the beaches of Florida shows the possibilities of any soul. When you fight hard enough and make the right choices in your life, GOD guides you to a better life, your destined life. You may have to endear hardships and strong lessons but in the end, GOD is your fam and he will NEVER let you sink as long as your reaching out.

Now the key is to “famalam” as many people as you can. To famalam someone is to show them so much love, kindness and warmth that it only creates and leaves an angelic type of energy. Only smiles, comfort and confirmation of faith that everything is perfect as it should be. Who have you famalamed today?

One of my life’s missions is to help all the other fams in the world who are born into harsh environments. I want to help all the fams climb out of the project light and help them see the light of the sunrise from the beach. Everyone needs light in their life. Light form GOD and light from a tool to help you reach GOD. I want to share that tool.

Make sure you tell all of your fams that you love them today. GOD and our fams are the closest ones to our soul.


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