There are no tests in life, only opportunities

There are no tests in life, only opportunities

There are no tests in life, only opportunities to evolve your soul. Life is not a pass or fail option but a field of opportunities and directions for your soul. You are the driver and although roads may be blocked or your car may break down, it is only an opportunity to see how far you will walk for your destiny.

I was raised Catholic and later found my Jewish roots so everything was based around guilt and fear. First I must fear GOD and feel guilty about not listening to my parents. These technique has been used throughout time just as giving all your money to the church before you die to abolish your sins. Well, hold onto your money and not your guilt. You should donate how you see fit and only let the love shine from your heart freely.

Growing up I use to see opportunities to do good deeds. I saw them as tests and if I didn’t do them, I would feel guilt and ultimately ask for forgiveness. The guilt factor is a TERRIBLE feeling to have and Thank goodness I will never use this technique on my loved ones. People also use guilt for their selfish wants and to manipulate as well. In any means, it is a feeling to coerce you into doing something. Why should I be forced to do something good. Why should I be forced to pray? Why should I be forced to be a good person? Why not give the tools to allow someone to feel their heart? Why not give them insight and let them experience the awesome energy of doing something good instead of feeling a relief from guilt? Why not use love instead of guilt and fear?

Everyone has their own interpretation of the bible and the meanings. Thats is all it is, other peoples opinions and insight for that time and place. We are way different then 2500 years ago. You needed fear back then because most things were in chaos. How many murders were committed in the name of GOD? How many are today? So we can not keep the same view if our lives are different. Our core values should never change but the rules of following should be adapted.

When I walk down the street and see someone needs help with a door, that is not a test. That is an opportunity to evolve my soul. GOD is not going to punish me for not helping, but their are karmic rewards for helping. The mind set of a test gives the guilt of not helping and even if you did, the feeling is not without relief. Now envision the same act but with fulfillment. You decided to help someone. You decided from your heart and not fear to help another soul not because your afraid but because they needed help and you wanted to from your heart.

Now think of a lifetime of fear and a lifetime of accepting opportunities, which one is more fulfilling. Both achieve the same good deeds but one is guilt free. I believe GOD loves us and only wants us to achieve our destiny. Every destiny is full of love, faith and miracles. Every destiny starts not with fear but love. Start with this love and let your soul shine. Keep your faith strong and know that GOD loves you for every good deed that you do. In all your good deeds come opportunities to evolve and get closer to the light.

My documentaries all started from helping someone change a tire. It was not guilt but concern for the other soul who needed help. That one moment in time changed me, my insight and faith for the better. I ended up making 5 more documentaries after that. I never knew I was going to make any documentaries at that point. I accepted the opportunity of a good deed and that act of energy was rewarded in so many ways.

Accept all your opportunities of good deeds. If you want more of them, just ask, but be careful because they will flood into your life. Never fear GOD. Only love GOD with every piece of your soul. Through loving GOD and accepting your opportunities, you will have a blissful destined path of life.




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