Your words are your reflection & energy- choose wisely

Your words are your reflection

Words are the way we communicate most of the time. Words describe our feelings, emotions and intentions. How we use these words is the core of the message we are trying to give. If we say hurtful negative words, we give that type of energy across making the person feel…well just that, a negative aura. If we saying loving kind words, then we give that type of energy and the person feels comfortable and easy within your aura. However we project our words, that energy does not only come across to the other person but it also sends out energy from your soul. You are what you eat, but you are also the energy of your words and projections.

I saw two lessons today with the power of words and projections. The first when I was getting my haircut. A woman and her 2 boys were there around 8 & 12 years old. The mom was telling them to calm down and sit. The kids were just being kids and playing soldiers with each other. The words she used had a few curse words and also a projection to the child of him not being “normal” like other kids his age. Stating that he was too much to handle and that he was acting like a dumb fool. She was not projecting hate or anger, in fact she was in a light-hearted mood. She was laughing but at the same time injecting all these negative words that was beneficial to the child’s self esteem and energy. He shouted out that he was going to be an astronaut!! Without hesitation, she responded, “You are not smart enough to go to space, maybe if you pass your math test instead of getting bad grades you can”. I was shocked!! I wanted to say something but I had to mind my own business and sit back and learn the lesson. Learn the lesson of what not to do as a future parent. By me telling her about words and encouragement, she was not going to have such an epiphany that she would change her ways as a person. She was not looking for help, therefore is much harder to give insight. Whether she had a bad upbringing, didn’t have the best education or just is simply the best she can be, either way, that child is affected.

Ironically the same day I had my second lesson. I was in Starbucks and watched a mother and her teenage daughter. They were both working together on a project. The mom used such motivating, loving guiding words with all the questions. The mom would ask such simple but yet uplifting questions to make her daughter think for herself but yet feel such a self rewarding energy. I heard her say how much she loved her daughter and how proud she was to have her in her life. How much joy and laughter she gave her as a daughter. Finally, she said “You are going to be such a great doctor and are going to help so many people”. The daughter couldn’t be more then 14 years old. WOW, what a difference in examples within an hour of each other. I walked over to them both and told the daughter that she has an awesome mother and not many people have that gift in their life. I walked away leaving some positive energy on top of the love that was already there.

Both lessons are one of those lessons that will always be in my heart. When I have children one day, it will be a continuous boost of love, encouragement, faith and respect. I will also be a leading example and promote the same energy in everything that I do. I am leading that example today without any children. In any sense, this is what we have to promote and project. Every word make positive. Uplift all those around you to be the best they can be. Even if someone has very little education or common sense, make them feel that they can still reach for the stars. Every word you vibrate sends a message. Make your messages full of love and you will be pure love.


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