Energy Battle- Chapter 1a

Energy Battle- Chapter 1a

No matter what your faith, culture or view of life, the energy battle effects everyone during their entire life. But everyone has a choice in which they allow their energy to be effected and for how long.

Your energy is the same thing as your aura, chi, life force, soul, prana, neshama amongst thousands of other names and symbols. Every body is born with this energy. When our physical body is no longer capable of survival, that energy leaves. Where it goes is all of our own perspective and belief. This blog we will show how you can control your energy. Control is important because you direct your thoughts with your energy.

Think of two first graders. The power of words start to take full effect at this age. Imagine one making fun of another wearing glasses. Maybe a name liked 4 eyes is said. To us, these simple words will not effect us, but to a first grader, that is a hurtful act.

Now think of our bodies inside a bubble of light. This is our energy. The child calling the other a name just reached out and grabbed a handful of the others energy. The child wearing the glasses felt a sensation of hurt, a piece missing. The one who called the name feels extra good. In a sense, just absorbed extra chi.

Now the hurt one decides to be strong and say something hurtful back about his momma. Now he just took some energy himself. This cycle will continue until a fight starts. It is always a one up on another just so you can feel better within yourself. The more hurtful things, the bigger the feeling.

So how do you stop this cycle? How do you turn it around into a positive energy exchange? How do you cut the negative energy battles in your life now? How to you stop all the baby momma drama even if you don’t have kids?


There are many ways to have and practice control. But the first manifestation is to change the thought pattern. You have to stop going right to your defensive mechanisms. It is easy to be negative. Easy to step on a flower. Much harder to grow from a seed and nurture with love. This is how you have to handle the immediate thoughts in ALL of your thoughts and actions. The more you are surrounding yourself with positive energy, the harder it is for negativity to come in. Always act in the best role model energy, you never know who is watching. You never know what life you can easily mold from your decisions. Walking away saying nothing takes more strength then saying the most hurtful words. There are so many scenarios to touch on and in our program we will have many real life experiences.

See the Love in every soul. See the beauty in every leaf. Be the spark of change that shows the righteous way.

David Chi
Miracle Movements Foundation
Teacher Program- Chapter 1a
Breathe. Believe. Achieve. ™


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